Divergent Book Discussion (17)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Dauntless-born initiates ask Tris to come along on a traditional event, zip lining.  For the first time in a long time, she feels like she belongs with Dauntless.

Today's Topics:
Zip lining and Belonging

 Okay, Tris made that zip lining sound breathtaking. I have been zip lining before, but never Dauntless style like that. Now I want to go zip lining like that…I also thought it was interesting that she had to trust that the people waiting at the bottom would actually catch her. That is a whole lot of trust to put into people that you either barely know or don’t know anything about at all. I guess that is also part of being Dauntless; Tris had to be “courageous” enough to zip line and make it to the bottom and pray that the kids would catch her. I was just happy that the group waiting caught her and that for (probably) the first time since she has been at this Dauntless training camp that she feels accepted.

I think feeling a sense of belonging is important for anyone. Especially as a Dauntless I think this belonging and acceptance is even more important because even though these people claim to be “fearless,” I know each of them has come sort of fear. So making friends and being accepted makes facing these fears so much easier than going into Dauntless as a loner who has no one to defend them. I also like how Tris mentioned that she liked the non-uniformity that Dauntless has (since in Abnegation she was only used to uniformity) and that she feels a “oneness”among her fellow companions. I think this experience will definitely help Tris to get though the initiation process and become a Dauntless!

First off I have a problem with this chapter.  It’s this random relationship with Uriah that it written up.  Uriah is a minor character, right?  We met him, once before, he was a part of Tris’ team in capture the flag.  The only reason I know that much is because Tris mentions that at the end of the chapter.  Otherwise, I wondered who this new guy is.  That is all.

Zip lining sounds very scary.  I would stay back with Four because there is no way I would be able to go through something like that.  The sense of belonging was something that came along with sharing a significant scene with others.  I enjoyed that it came to that.  It gives Tris motivation to keep trying her best for the next round of Dauntless scores. 

Do you think companionship with others is essential for humans to make it through their lives and why? If not, what do you think humans rely on to make it through if they do not have any close, personal friends?

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