My name is Jeanna. It’s pronounced Gina because my name is weird like that. I love to read, obviously, which is why I hope you are here too. There’s nothing I love more than reading a good book and sipping some not-too-hot coffee (I confess, I always ask for kid temperature—yes, that’s a thing—because I am not waiting 5 to 10 minutes for the beverage to cool down before I cannot scorch my mouth).  Well, I also love a ton of other things I love but reading books pretty much top that list. Especially YA books because they are filled with magic and a dash of awesome.

When I was young (you can guess how old I am, if you’d like, but I will never tell you because this is not a dating profile), I started writing a bucket list.

screenshot from Oxford Dictionary

The list is growing with me as I cross things off as I’ve done them and write new things from time to time. The first and foremost point on my list is to READ MORE THAN 1500 BOOKS. And what better way to prove that I am on my way in completing that goal is with a blog where I can share books with you and you can share books with me.

The Bucket List was established in August of 2010 and continues to be an outlet for you and I to come together to talk about books. So let’s grab something hot (but not too hot) to drink and chat about books!