Divergent Book Discussion (12)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey, people from Earth and other people who are not from here, for the next 11 weeks we will be giving you the awesomeness that is DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth.  Be sure to show up, because we are giving away some goodies, check it out HERE. Just a side note, I will be asking a question after each discussion post.  Be sure to follow the discussion and don’t be scared to join in on our discussion/ questions. Those who entered the contest will receive extra entries for answering a question.  Every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we will discuss three chapters per week: tell you about the plot, and other random bits of spicy goodness that you should definitely know about (all relating to Divergent).    Just for your curiosity: helping me out with this discussion is Jackie, one of my best friends (please say hello to her).  Basically these posts will be categorized by person.  Jackie hasn't read the book so be sure to read her first impressions while she reads along and if you have read Divergent, be sure to read my input (this will be the my second read through).  If you missed a post and want to check out the schedule, go HERE.  Come and join us in our quest of discussing DIVERGENT.


At first the Dauntless faction was doing some sort of freshman ritual in the middle of the night but it turned out to be capture the flag which should be the game everyone plays at parties because having the whole city as a backdrop is just freaking awesome.  Tris’ team wins, by the way.

Today's Topics:
Four's Fears and Christina

Okay, I’ve got to admit, I also have a fear of heights (but yet I can go on roller coasters with almost no problem…), so I can sympathize with Four here. I think heights are one of the most common fear for people in general though. I like that Four ignores his fear as he follows Tris up to the top of the Ferris wheel though. But as Dauntless, that’s what he’s got to do anyway. Me and Four are chill, he seems alright.

Christina, Christina, Christina…YOU POOPFACE! I mean seriously, what the heck?! You start out being all nice to Tris, and then when Tris actually does something right (by seeing where the enemy was) you suddenly don’t want to give her credit or respect. I get that Tris is short, but you could’ve hoisted her up to reach the flag. COME ON NOW CHRISTINA. Me no likey you anymore. And I know Christina feels jealous that she WASN’T SMART ENOUGH to determine where the enemy was, but give Tris credit for BEING SMARTER THAN YOU. FOR ONCE STOP BEING A BRAT! 

Four’s fear of heights gets more pronounced when we see him in the Fear Landscape, which should be coming up, but here we get a taste of it.  A fear of heights is very common, as Jackie said, which is probably one of the reasons Veronica Roth picked it.  It is one of the things that make Four human and those things are what I love most about him.  Four’s always going to be my favorite.  I am deathly scared of heights and I don’t think I would have the courage to be walking on see-through glass floors in the Dauntless headquarters so that faction would definitely be out for me.

Okay, since I started this discussion I have been pointing out the fact that I HATE the name, “Stiff” and here, Four goes ahead and uses it.  What’s up with that?  Comments are welcome.

I don’t understand why anyone likes Christina.  If you like Christina, please tell me a good explanation to why you like her so much because I feel like she is a patronizing brat.  I don’t like her.  Don’t like her but I still dislike Peter more.  But why did she have to do that?  Her face?  I have a good picture of her face in my mind when she took the flag and it wasn’t pretty.  Christina is one of those types that is used to spotlight all the time.  Why does she always need the spotlight?  That’s it… friendship over.  Christina and I are no longer friends.

Why does Four, when picking teams, call Tris “a Stiff?”

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