Guest Post by Erika

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Before I go into anything, I would like to thank Gina, for inviting me to guest post. I am delighted to be here today and be a part of the Fallen Series by: Lauren Kate book discussion. In short, I’ve been a fan of the series, since the first Fallen ARC arrived at my door all those years ago. You can find all those reviews on my blog, My guest post today is going to be free of any sort of spoiler, and plot synopsis.

While I love paranormal romance novels, it takes a truly unique one to grab my attention to read the whole series. It’s the setting that grabs me and what makes me truly love the series.

When I think of the scene’s that are most important in Fallen, my mind wanders to the Cemetery. It is sunken into the ground a bit and overgrown in my mind. There are dark gothic mausoleums, grave stones and statues. There is something desolate and remote that draws my mind to the scenes. That brings me to my main point.

When a setting is so well integrated and beautifully described. I can’t help but think what the book would be without the cemetery component. We wouldn’t have seen Daniel’s true identity fully revealed, or glimpsed the battle through Daniel’s eyes. Everything in book one in the series centers around this which in the end makes it the most important place in the novel.

The best part of reading a novel is when it carries you away too far off places. It makes life easier when you can escape the rough parts of reality and high school and enter another world. With Fallen I was taken to different exotic places. That wasn’t where the traveling ends though. We get to see different time periods and how all of Luce’s past lives fit into them.

Thank you Lauren Kate for taking me away!
Thank you so much for joining us today, Erika.  You definitely want more of her writing.  You need to check her out HERE

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