Fallen Dream Cast (Cam)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Since the Fallen Book Discussion has taken over The Bucket List until I survive finals in May, every Monday (instead of the normal: Movie Monday), I will be giving you a taste of what our (Jackie, Emma, and I) dream cast would look like if they were to make a movie.  For those of you who may not know, Fallen by Lauren Kate has actually been optioned for film.  You can check out more about that HERE.  If there are any updates from now and until the discussion ends (or even after that) I will definitely let you know about any awesome news about the movie. 

Each Monday, will be a new character that we will be casting.  Today, we are casting our own Cam.  I would love to hear who you would like to play the role.  To see who we are casting next week, check out the schedule HERE.  Also I am giving away some awesome signed Fallen books and other goodies HERE.  Casting Cam:

Gina's Pick: Drew Roy
In all truth, I have no clue who Drew Roy is.  He was on ICarly, I know that because my little brother is a big fan.  I haven't seem him in anything else really.  You can check him out if you click on his name up there.  Why would he be my Cam?  Well, look at him.  He is adorable and the kind of boy you would willingly have a picnic in a cemetery with.
Emma's Pick: Josh Hutcherson 
I chose Josh Hutcherson for Chester the Molester--- I mean Cam.  Josh Hutcherson is the type of actor that can portray the complexities that is Cam, the smarmy, the sweet, the confusing, and the partier.  Josh Hutcherson recently portrayed Peeta in the Hunger Games, and he won the heart of many Americans.  He is one of my favorite choices for the faux movie!
Jackie's Pick: Landon Liboiro

For my pick of Cam, I would choose Landon Liboiro.  In his past he has starred in the television show Degrassi, where he played Declan, a boy from a rich family who is a bit…well…..of a jerk.  For me, I know Cam is being pleasant to Luce, but I do not think that will last, and since Landon has played a character like that, he would be perfect for the movie! (Remember this is just my opinion, not anything actually said in the novel) Landon’s physical features, like how skinny he is and his hair color, would do Cam justice.  Go Landon!
Jackie's Honorable Mention: Daffy Duck

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  1. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the captchas are looking more and more like spells that somehow found their way into our world. Like, if some magical person wanted to comment, they'd say "Oh, 'wuxipeka' that's(hic) totally (hic) the spell to (hic) give somebo(hic)dy the hiccups (hic)" but it makes no sense to us.