Fallen Book Discussion (Week 4)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey, people from Earth and other people who are not from here, for the next 9 weeks we will be giving you the awesomeness that is Fallen by Lauren Kate.  Be sure to show up, because we are giving away some great stuff, check it out HERE.  Just a side note, I will be asking two questions after each discussion post.  Be sure to follow the discussion and don’t be scared to join in on our discussion/ questions.  Those who entered the contest will receive extra entries for answering a question.  Every week on Tuesday, we will discuss two chapters of the book, tell you about the plot, and other random bits of spicy goodness that you should definitely know about (all relating to Fallen).  Just for your curiosity: helping me out with this discussion are two of my best friends, Jackie/ the Doctor (who is in blue typeface) and Emma/ Mirror Girl (who is in green typeface).  I, Gina/ Bookish Blonde, am in the black typeface and quotes from the book, Fallen by Lauren Kate, are in red typeface.  If you missed a post and want to check out the schedule, go HERE.  Come and join us in our quest of discussing FALLEN.


Oh my goodness, that is exactly what I want to hear in the morning.  She-man, Randy, telling everybody that they have to wake up at 6:30 am for a physical exam.  Yeah so doing physical things at 6:30 in the morning.  I wouldn’t blame Luce for not wanting to go.  I think I would rather stick needles in my eyes.  Roast my feet on coals.  Then have to walk on glass.  And then be exterminated by the Daleks.  Rather than going to gym class at 6:30 in the morning.  Wow, Jackie has gone morbid again.  And has gone into her Doctor Who fandom world, come back to us, Jackie, come back.  Never, I refuse.  Randy’s voice is not a voice I would like to be hearing either.  Luce whines about it and is still worrying about the relationship status of Gabbe and Daniel.  Maybe she should just check Facebook when she can find a computer.  Yeah, that would be so much easier but Luce isn’t that smart.  She’d rather agonize over the fact.  That’s just being a typical girl, that’s not exactly being stupid.  Then use the resources available to her, i.e. social networking.  Luce being the greater Samaritan than all of us combined, actually left going to do the dreadful deed of going to gym class.  *in weepy tone* She’s so brave, she sacrificed herself.  We should all praise her.  So Luce arrives in the dungeon and sees Penn and realizes they are about to be sorted [insert Harry Potter reference HERE] into different stations.  Alas, this is where we meet he-she number two!!!  Randy may have competition, Coach Diante.
 “’Nobody straggles on Coach Diante’s watch.’” –p. 128

Feels like they need a sombrero.  I wonder if Mr. Cole is even really a Mr. as well.  Something to think about.  So while Todd is left to go to the weight room, Luce, Penn, and guess who, Gabbe, get to go to the pool.  They are swimming in a church.  Maybe this was Sword & Cross’s way of trying to get these students cleansed of their sins.  Yeah, we are trying to cleanse people when they are wearing too big swimsuits on.  They are big, hand-me-downs, gross swimsuits that,
“At least it smelled clean.  Sort of.” –p. 126
I really don’t want to do that.  Don’t take me to reform school, Mommy!  I will try not to kill people with my knitting needles anymore.  Actually for Emma, make her go there.  She needs some of that discipline.  Maybe they will place her in a room full of mirrors.  She’ll like this.  Gina, Gina, I am going to burn your books.  Jackie, I’ll burn your Doctor Who and Star Wars collections.  [This is where we kill Emma, I don’t think she is going to come back for a while. (Don’t worry she is still very much alive.) She is in the corner with a dunce hat on, deprived of all mirrors so she can’t look at herself every two and a half seconds, like she is doing right now.  Our girl seriously has a problem.]  To bring us back to the book, Luce is about to start her swimming, she sees Roland and all of the other people, the in-crowd, sitting over on the side, doing absolutely nothing.  Laughing their heads off.  Not literally.  I’m sure Randy # 2 loved that.  Sarcasm suits you, babe.  All of the sudden, Gabbe walks over and starts laughing like she already knew what was going on.  This makes Luce either jealous or pissed off, not sure which.  Could be both, thank God I’m not your typical girl.  She’s a robot.  Now you know my secret, I will have to kill you. 
“’They always have notes to sit out,” Penn explained, glaring at the popular crowd on the bleachers.  “Don’t ask me how they get away with it.’” –p. 130
The most I worry about is whether Darth Vader will defeat Luke Skywalker or not.  Which we all know the answer to.  Coach Diante is talking, but who cares about what she is saying when people are having fun without Luce.  No, not allowed.  Luce starts to notice Cam’s absence and worries about her leaving early at his party last night.  She wants to make it right with him.  And then everyone jumps in the pool, but Luce.  Enter he-she man once again, and telling Luce that she should probably jump into the pool since this is a race.  Somebody’s got to win.  Somebody’s got to lose. 
“Coach Diante cleared her throat.  “Maybe you didn’t catch that this is a race… and you’re already losing.’” –p. 131
Which would be Luce right now.  Because she is a loser.  Only because after boasting about her prowess at swimming when she was eight.  She jumped into the pool and was winning--
“She was nearing the end of her eighth lap when her head popped above water just long enough to hear Gabbe’s slow voice say, ‘Daniel.’” –p. 132
She hears from the lovely voice of Gabbe.  She stopped.  Cold in the water.  And some other kid won the race.  Because she heard Gabbe say this wonderful name.  Maybe she wasn’t even calling out his name.  Maybe she was just mentioning his name in passing.  Maybe Luce has a serious problem of listening to when his name just so happens to come into a conversation.  Seconded.  It was all Luce’s fault that she lost.  Then she gets out of the pool and Roland, being a gentleman, gives her her belongings.  Luce being her typical, normal-self blurts out what she is thinking instead of what you would normally hear from a person. 
“But before she could say something normal, like “Thanks for the towel,” or “Guess I’m just out of shape,” this weird new hotheaded side of her instead blurted out, “Are Daniel and Gabbe together or what?’” –p. 133
This is why I enjoy not being a girly-girl.  This is why she is a robotRoland notices Daniel passing by and tells Luce to go ask for herself.  She goes outside, without changing her bathing suit and starts watching Daniel.  Turns out Danny-boy is in the weight room, jock, skipping rope.  How he can make that manly, anybody’s guess.  But Luce goes into a poetically obsession about it.  An obsession that only a girly-girl could have.  I mean really, how can you go on for a few pages about a jump rope next to a hot guy’s body for that long.  Excuse, Jackie, she can’t take any romantic thing about anything.  She is, after all, a robot or a Doctor, you can figure that one out on your own.  Luce needs to get a life, away from guys because that is just pathetic.  I thought maybe like looking at a guy and thinking he is cute is enough for any person, but not Luce.  She takes down details about him that he probably doesn’t even know he has at that moment.  She probably can see his sweat glands for all we know. 
“His golden skin was almost radiant, and every movement he made, whether he was rolling out his long neck in a stretch or bending over to scratch his sculpted knee, had Luce completely rapt.  She stood pressed against the doorway, unaware that her teeth were chattering and her towel soaked.” –p. 134
But what is interesting about it was that when he stood to start his jumping, she noticed his stance, like she had seen it before.  I want to know where she has seen it.  When I think of jump rope, I think of one of two things, a little girl with pigtails, and then after some long hard thinking, a boxer.  Not sure where Daniel fits in this one.  Is he going to sing—“Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow—“  That would be way more entertaining than Luce talking about it.  Wow, harsh.  I think it would be funny if Daniel started singing.  It would be cute to see him like that, but of course we won’t.  Then the shadows show up.  That’s great and something weird happens.  Like they touch her.  And push her into the hallway.  Then she noticed that she had dropped her key and it landed far into the weight room, right next to Daniel.  Oh, no.  Oh me oh my.  Now she has to go get it.  I’m sure Luce will hate that.  Not.  This has moved beyond a crush.  Well, is he shirtless?  If he is shirtless, then I can understand it.  Well, I guess so.  It is kind of stalker-like.  She goes to grab her key and Daniel turns to face her like he can taste her essence that she is behind him or something.  Then Luce actually says hi, still dripping wet.  And Daniel responds with a nice hello and asks her… He is actually making polite conversation.  Whoop-di-do for Luce.  Well it actually is, better than flipping her the bird like last time.  He asked her how she did in her swimming and Luce did not do so hot.  And then Danny lets something slip
“Daniel pursed his lips.  “But you were always…’” –p. 137
Another major mess-up.  Daniel has a real problem about this.  It is almost like he can’t control himself when he is around her.  He clumsily tries to fix his mistake and starts closing up to her again.  Until he sighs longingly.  You guys are nerds, longingly, really?  Shut up.  Daniel says it like he has said it before.  Luce is drawn to it like he is a Siren.  She calls him out on it.  Then he rejects her, which I was really pleased about, only because Luce was having a crazy obsession over Daniel, so much so that she may have needed a strait jacket.  Daniel was the one who snapped her out of it.
“’You have never in your life seen me before this week.’” –p. 139

Enter our heroes, stage left.  Luce: as she is trying to get to her lovely, entertaining class, to Mr. Cole’s class.  A class that we would all love to go to.  Not!  And somehow, by some coincidence, Cam is there and he flashes her the whites. *smiles*  Yeah, Cam shows up and demands to know where she is going.  I don’t know about you, but Cam is obnoxious and he already knows that he can probably have his way with Luce.  So why not already go at it?  I think she has a self-esteem problem, because it kind of seems like she is settling for him because he is “nice to her.”  She just needs a man to carry her around; she is not independent at all.  She got to the school and immediately started looking for guys.  Obviously, we can’t survive without a man by our side.
“Except—the longer Cam gazed at her, the less important it felt to leave.” –p. 141
Yes, exactly.  It seems a bit Twilight to me.  But she is keeping her options open.  Boy number one hates her, but I would keep him around for eye-candy and, you know, never give up because one day he may like her… One day…  Boy number two is just being nice and turns out to be a flirtatious snob, so she is a new student and wants to feel accepted; I would keep them both around for different reasons.  True that.  Besides girls aren’t good-enough friends, if you have guys as friends and you want a hot make-up session, you can have it right then and there.  Just saying, that is how the girl’s mind operates.  Maybe that is just how your mind operates.  No, I am just explaining how the girl mind operates.  Besides I would not be the one who is looking for guys when I first get to school.  Luce is a freak.  I can’t comprehend how you need a guy to live.  Because, for me, having a guy is great, but it is not necessary.   You can be happy with just friends and family.  I think we are just thinking way too much into this one.  All Cam did was bump into her and ask her to skip class with him to take her on a picnic.  Which, by the way, I love the idea of having a picnic in the cemetery.  Especially if the zombies start to pop up, now that would be fun.  Yes, Jackie, you would think that.  Yeah, but he is secluding her to do the hanky panky, to seduce her. 
“’And you had this whole scheme of a romantic picnic,” she finished.  “In the scenic cemetery?”’ – p. 148
Yeah you are right, I am reading way too much into this.  Dude, you are reading way too much into this.  He gives her a snake’s skin.  Yeah, that is disgusting.  I mean, they were almost having all this fun: trying to guess how the people who are buried in the cemetery died and then they have lunch and things get weird.  Yeah, for lunch, he brings all this food.  He brings olives.  Olives are disgusting.  Yeah, but, my point is that originally he wasn’t going to eat with her unless he is spying on her and planned on taking her out to lunch.  He’s a creeper.  Duh.  Was he spying on her, like he had implied, or just has a big appetite?  Plus, what was the whole touching her knee thing?  They are not even on a date; he is being way too forward with her.  I think guys like Cam like to move along quick, when they have the chance.  Remember he’s a play-aOh, snap.  At least, they are enjoying their lunch for now, even though Cam is using Luce as a table.  Yeah, his hand is all over.  Her knee.  I would rather want a gentleman, but Luce is just going to have to settle, isn’t she?  Poor Luce, she could do so much better.  Then both of them.  Yeah, where’s Todd?  I think Todd is hiding from Luce.  I would too.  Why?  Luce is kind of guy-hungry at the moment.  I wouldn’t want to be around that crowd at the moment.  Cam makes conversation.  He goes on telling her that he has had a bad childhood. 
“Cam couldn’t even see a way out of Sword & Cross, something more hopeful on the horizon, then maybe his had been worse.” – p. 150
The poor dear.  It is so sad.  If I had shadows following me, I would feel every ounce of pity towards them.  Poor babies.  They probably had to deal with a broken leg or something.  Do you really believe that?  What was so awful about Cam’s childhood?  What do you think would make him so obnoxious, independent, confident, and a nice, but overall player to girls everywhere?  Well, you know his three sisters, could they have died?  And he was lying about it?  And it was all his fault.  Why would he lie about something like that?  That’s awful.  Anyway, in the midst of talking about bad childhoods and touching Luce’s knee, they discover a snake molting its skin.  A symbol, if I’ve ever seen one.  Cam is such a snake.  Look like Lucifer’s around.  Well they are in a cemetery, after all.  You know that is a really bad place for a “first date” because it is like telling the person that their relationship is going to die, even before it even begins.  It is a great break up place.  Are you speaking of experience?  Haha.  That’s the romantic point of view, as far as the cemetery goes.  You could have other ones, like how you are in a dead place but you want to start over new and be more alive than the people in the cemetery.  So the nice gesture of Cam: he hands her over a beautiful, delightful—icky.  Your opinion.  –snake’s skin.  I know if I was on a date, I would definitely choose a snake’s skin as the first gift I get.  Hands down. 
“Cam smirked as he picked up the shed skin and placed it in her hand.” – p. 150
Uh, gross.  How does he even rationalize giving her that?  It’s gross.  It is downright vileLuce throws it aside.  Good, get that thing away from me.  And then naturally, as romantic as the snake skin gesture was, they go in for a kiss.  Ick.   As lovely as the kiss would be, luckily, for me, someone breaks it off.  Gabbe.  Gag me with a spoon.  I don’t like Gabbe and I don’t like Cam.  They are caught skipping class.  Ms. Sophia told Gabbe to go find them.  Gabbe makes a big deal out of looking everywhere for the two.  Get off it.  Gosh, it’s annoying.  Gabbe is a person that I don’t like her right now.  I mean you don’t tattle on someone.  If two people are about to kiss, you give them some space.  Then they are at their highest point, and then you can get them to their lowest.  Why does my brain hurt, when I think of the intricate minds of teenagers?  I wished they got around to kissing, but they didn’t and now they have to go to Ms. Sophia’s class.  They all walk in and Ms. Sophia doesn’t even care about Luce that much.  So basically Gabbe was over exaggerating.  Cool.  Gabbe sounds like a guy I used to know.  I don’t like people like that.  But at least she gets back to class.  But, no, not to do the classwork.  She finds Daniel in the classroom and immediately deems him the better choice.  They have some work to do in the class.  They have to look up their family history.  Daniel seems to have an interesting response, which seems to imply that his family has a lot of history behind it.
He sighed and shrugged.  “No, not at all.  That’s fine.  My family tree.  Should be interesting.” --p. 155
Instead, she goes over to the computer to look juicy gossip about her main man, Daniel.  He’s totally fine.  I’m sure when I type Daniel into Google, I don’t think I will find the same thing as Luce.  Yeah, I don’t think so.
“Search.” – p. 156            
What did you think:
Where is Cam in all this drama, in chapter six?
What problems did Cam have about his childhood?                                 


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  1. Cam....hmm i think he is staying out of it. I mean why get involved in the drama? Luce would probably get upset with him or start flinging shadows Cam's way if she got mad at him for getting involved. I like that Cam wasn't there, I mean I like him (only because in chapter 7 we find out that he gives her a snake skin-totally awesome!) but he is rather annoying. He also gets in the way of Luce and Danny-boy. I like Dan because you think he is going to be nice to Luce....and then he slips something wrong into the convo...then treats her like poop :) Dan is my favorite, Cam is too nice.
    Problems in his childhood....well maybe his three sisters made him play dress up.....that would leave a wound on me too. Or maybe Cam was abused by someone, or his parents or something. Or maybe Cam found out he was the spawn of the devil, that would put a damper on someone's childhood. (not mine though, that would be so cool to find out! :D) Who knows...I guess I will find out.

  2. Cam is busy taking care of more important things. His childhood was great until something very bad happened. It turned him into the angry person he is. I think the big reveal is in the third book. I won't say because I don't want to spoil things.