Sunny Friday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

As much as I wish it wasn't sunny, because driving the tractor takes away from my reading time, it happens to be sunny until Monday.  Wow, now this is going to be fun.  Still it is Friday, the best day of the week! And do you know what that means? I mean, I get to participate in two awesome memes. Follow Friday from Parajunkee and Blogger Hop from are Friday memes, a great way to make new friends. Here's the questions below:

What do I do when I are not reading?
Well, I blog, of course.  But I do work on a farm, driving tractors and feeding cows.  It's not as fun as reading but it'll have to do.  I'm also getting ready to go to college, packing my room up (you never know how much stuff you keep in there until you have two suitcases to fit the entire thing in there). 

How/Where do you get your books? Do you buy them or go to the library? Is there a certain website you use like paperbackswap?
I get my books anywhere and everywhere.  I buy most of my books at my local Borders, as well as my local library.  However, when I say local they're about an hour away, so I try to stack up while I'm there like it's the Great Depression.  I've never heard of paperbackswap, but now I'm definitely going to check it out. 

Happy Friday!  I look forward to what your responses are to these questions!

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  1. Haha wow, no wonder you stock up! If you're ever looking to order online, the Book Depository has free shipping for any order :) that definitely helps!

    I posted my answers on my FF blog post!

  2. Happy Follow Friday!
    Good luck at college!
    I too get most of my books from the library.
    Have a nice weekend!
    I am a new follower. :)


  3. Good luck with school! Have a great weekend.

  4. Old follower stopping by. Great answers, working on a farm always looks fun, but a lot of hard work. I don't think I could do it! Happy Friday and check out my blog hops post on my blog!


  5. Absolutely beautiful blog!

    New follower, friend!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  6. I've heard of paperbackswap but I've never used it. Two years ago I started tracking where my books were coming from. Please come see where I get my books.

  7. I don't have time to go to the library so I check out books online to my ereader.

  8. Hopping through. My local library is only about 10 minutes from my house, but I still stock up like it's the Great Depression :-)
    My Hop

  9. Good luck with college! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Follow My Book Blog Friday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: Thanks! Nice to meet you!