My Final Farewell to Harry Potter

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Harry Potter,

We've had such a great time together.  While I get ready for your final movie, and watch that last pivotal scene, I'm going to think back about all the good times we shared.

Your mother, J.K. Rowling, already had six books out before I found your life story.  I started at the sixth, thinking myself a dare devil for reading out of order (when quite frankly that was the only one they had in my library).  Since that first book I read with you (still my favorite), I haven't stopped thinking about your story and how it's about to end when I walk out of my theater's doors, the last time I will see Harry Potter in my local theater. 

It was 2006 when I first broke the spine of your story.  Where I was whisked away to a school that I wish I could attend, but couldn't because I'm just a muggle.  I learned about your story in a week, reading by the lake behind my Grandma's house (supposedly watching my brother who could have drowned, I now realized for all the supervision I provided.  Don't worry, he is alive and still awaits his Hogwarts letter to come.  He turned 13 in April and still claims, to this day, that his letter got lost in the mail. Those awful owls.).  Since 2006, I have read all seven books countless times and watched each movie (the 3rd one has to be my favorite) in order, this time.  I have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which has to be the most amazing theme park ever.  And stood in a number of midnight release parties for the seventh book and the movies.

No matter what happens, you'll still be with me.  When I go on my first train ride (still have to do that), I'll think of you.  When I look at my poster for the seventh book, and hanging on the tack is a pack of those jelly beans that I've always hated, I'll still think of you.  You're not going to be gone.  Not really.  You definitely made it into my history book and countless others.  Still this all bubbles down to one thing.

I'm going to miss you, Harry Potter.  I'm going to miss hearing about your crazy adventures, seeing them on film, and watching Twilight fans get run over by Harry Potter fans when they're in the same room (believe me, I've seen it happen).  So:

 Goodbye, Harry!

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  1. Heh, I love that you called Jo Harry's mother :) I'm going to miss Harry too. At least we can always return to Hogwarts in our minds through rereadings.

  2. I am definitely going to miss this series too. I totally cried at the end of the movie.