Why is The Mortal Instruments series Awesome?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Today, Mundie Moms will be joining us to share the love about Cassandra Clare's series, The Mortal Instruments.  We're in love with these books and we thought, if you were not tempted to go out and buy the whole series when we talk about it- Mundie Moms will surely make you.  We welcome you, Mundie Moms!  Here's what they said about the series: 

Thank you so much for inviting us on your site! We are huge fans of Cassie's and the TMI world she's created, and we're thrilled to have a moment to explain why. Cassie has this talent for not only making us feel apart of the exciting, vivid, dangerous and intriguing world she's created, but she allows us to fall totally in love with her characters. She blurs the lines of paranormal and reality and for the time that we're reading her books, her words come alive and make us feel like we're there, in her world. She grabs our emotions, as one moment we're sighing over a scene between Jace and Clary or Magnus and Alec and the next we're either fuming over something a character did or on the verge of tears at one of her gut wrenching scenes. Cassie isn't afraid to make her characters suffer and in the process she leaves us feeling emotional vulnerable as we feel a connection to these characters. I've not read a series that has a such a large cast of characters were each one adds something unique to the story and each one is a character I've come to enjoy and care about as I'm reading the TMI series. Clearly I'm admitting I've not yet read Harry Potter, as I can only imagine how large of a cast of characters JK has. Cassie is a phenomenal writer and someone who makes us think, takes us along for an enjoyable ride and always leaves us wanting more.... one more kiss between Jace and Clary, one more page of her story, one more scene so the book doesn't have to end. It's not just the series, but Cassie herself is amazing. She's one of the most fascinating, friendly people I've ever met. I highly recommend picking up her series and stoping by one of her tour stops to meet her in person.

Thank you for joining us, today, Mundie Moms!  For more Mundie Moms, you can go HERE!  But to find out more about The Mortal Instruments series, go HERE!  Visit Cassandra Clare HERE, and don't forget to check out the awesome book tour she has going on: HERE.

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  1. Love it! I just got City of Fallen Angels in the mail today and I totally agree-- The Mortal Instruments are awesome! Thanks for the post:)