Borders Goes Bankrupt

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There has been a rumor going around ever since summer that something was going on with Borders.  If you haven't heard this rumor then you might want to sit down and stifle your scream with a pillow.  Because you have read the title correctly.  Borders has filed for bankruptcy.  

When I heard this news, the first words that were out of my mouth was, "How will I get my books?"  Borders is like my second home.  It means a lot to me.  Borders and I go way back- and I have just learned that they are leaving, well, about 200 Borders stores will be going out of business.  Is your local Borders store leaving too?  You can find out HERE.

The employees at my local Borders can tell you that I, practically, live there.  The only thing I never did in Borders was probably sleep.  Barnes & Noble and Borders may have their differences, but I really don't know them, since I've never been to a Barnes & Noble.  But after hearing this news, I may be forced out of my second home for good.  Never fear, however, I'll just either have to get a better car with more gas mileage to drive two hours instead of one to the next local Borders.  Or (and this choice would be last on my list)I could just get my books somewhere else. 

Where else could I get my books?  I could venture into Barnes & Noble land, but from time to time I do get books from Amazon.  This is a lot to take in. 

Will you be effected by this news?  Are you a fan of Borders?  And what are the differences between the two stores, Borders and Barnes & Noble?

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