Whose Side, Saturday? (Traditional Books vs. eBooks)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This is the first post of a new feature that I've decided to create for my blog.  I wanted to try something new and unique to make my blog more special.  So I thus created: Whose Side, Saturday?  The feature is to discuss certain opinions on certain things- whether it be fan girl musings (such as "team" characters) or broader topics (such as today's topic).

Traditional Books vs. eBooks

Traditional books are what readers are reading; they are probably the most popular form of reading since they are "traditional."  They have spines, pages, and even some may say, "feelings."  EBooks are something that are becoming popular as our world gets more technology-friendly.  So, today I want to have a showdown between the two and figure out which is better.

Traditional Books

A lot of people love these types of books.  Why?  Because we are used to reading this way.  We love to pick up one of those tangible books that we just bought from Borders and dive right into a good story.  I know- I may not be the only one- I love that "new-book smell" as much as I love the new-car smell.  It smells fresh, unique, and delicious- knowing that it holds a great read for me. 

What makes it different from those eBooks:
I don't know about other eReaders, since I have my own Kindle, but mine seems to run out of "energy" too many times.  Traditional books won't be that mean- there's no running out of "batteries."  You won't be in the middle of a read and suddenly get a message: No Use, Until Charged.  

If my Kindle ever got wet, well its like a computer, there is definitely a chance of it becoming permanently damaged after such an incident.  If I ever dropped my book in water, I'd set in on the heater to dry- it just gets the pages nice and crisp, but wouldn't be permanently damaged so I couldn't read it.

A lot of people love pages to turn.  I've talked to many readers about why they love books over eBooks and they promptly explain that just the tangible book in their hands is what wins them over.  When you turn the page, it adds to the excitement on what happens next.  I don't feel that way when I press my little button NEXT PAGE on my Kindle.


These kind of books are slightly more up to date with our fast-changing world. Maybe this is where our world is leading us. Maybe somewhere deep in the future we are all going to be reading from eReaders and not just reading, but listening and talking about our books from our eReaders too. The world may never know what the future holds, but today the eBooks are close to many readers' hearts.

What makes Traditional Books the
The Kindle and many other eBook readers are known for being light weight.  The Kindle even proves to be the width of a pencil.  The only "traditional" books I know that are that tiny are probably children's picture books.

The reason that I bought a Kindle was to have all those books right at my fingertips.  I live in the middle of nowhere and the shortest trip to the bookstore would take an hour drive.  With my Kindle, I can purchase books and have them in seconds.  Not only can I purchase books, however, I can subscribe to newspapers, magazines, and even blogs.  

A big thing that I'm happy with on my Kindle would have to be that there is no glare in direct sunlight.  When I'm on the beach and I have my book out ready to read: I hate it when there's this nasty glare messing up my vision so I can't even read the words on the page.  With the Kindle or eBook Reader, I can read and not get a glare in direct sunlight.  I don't know how that works, but that's new technology for you.  

What does Gina think?
Even though I have this great Kindle, I admit, I barely use it.  I read much more traditional books than I do eBooks.  The reason being I just love to feel books in my hands.  I'm a bookworm- I like books.  When I grow bored or don't know a word, I venture to my Kindle which has a free dictionary and games that I've purchased.

I want everyone to know that this post is not to sway anyone in any direction.  This new feature: Whose Side, Saturday? is to encourage you to comment and discuss what your views are on the topic of the week.   
So, please, share your thoughts. 
Whose side are you on?

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  1. Great idea for a post, Gina :)

    I have to come down on the side of traditional books...I don't have an e-reader and have no plans at this point to get one, although i did briefly flirt with the idea of a nook.

    I love the physical book - my house reflects that as you have to weave your way around the piles of towering paper! I spend alot of time going through my books too...sorting, re-arranging, generally playing around with them...I also like to lend things to people, and I don't think I'd get the same satisfaction telling someone to download something.

    The only technological advance that I do prefer when it comes to books, is my new habit of downloading audiobooks to my ipod. That I like.

    By the way, thanks for commenting on my One Day review :)

  2. I'm going to sit on the fence with this one. I will always love traditional books, but I also have a sony reader and fit it both practical and great to read on. It's light, versatile and the screen doesn't hurt your eyes at all.

    E-readers are also great for classics - I've downloaded lots for free from the Project Gutenberg website, so having one has actually broadened my reading habits.

    But then again, nothing beats a real book I suppose!

  3. The biggest draw for an e-reader for me is that I have my entire bookshelf with me wherever I go. If I'm reading a series its easy for me to go back and reference anything in a previous book I want to. I think both e-books and paperbacks have their place.

  4. Mum just bought me a kindle too - I agree with everything you said, and I'm sure I'll love the kindle as I am already reading a lot of ebooks, but there is still that physical beauty in a printed book that I can't let go off. I guess I just want the best of both, lol

  5. It's not that I don't love printed books, I do but for me an ereader has opened up my reading opportunities. In Australia where book prices are often double if not 2/3rds more the price of the US, ebooks are a much cheaper alternative which means I can buy more :)