Whose Side, Saturday? (Team Dean vs. Team Sam)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is a feature I have created to discuss certain opinions on certain things- whether it be book-related topics or favorite team characters.

This Saturday we are going to celebrate with the very anticipated (or maybe it was just me) TV show premiere of Supernatural with its sixth season.  A little background on the show: the show was created by Eric Kripke in 2005.  The show was popular and some authors decided to write Supernatural themed novels.  I've read only a few of the novels based on the show, but they were good.  With the season premiere, yesterday at 9:00pm, I thought it would be a great time to bring the two main characters into the light and see which team is better.

We'll start off with the adorable Dean Winchester: 
He's the guy that has a sense of humor, God has work for him, and he is just awesome.

Then comes Sam: he "almost" always makes the good choice, is the Devil's vessel, and is addicted to demon blood.

And because these book series, and TV shows rock my world and I can't choose between the two boys: I'll show you a snippet of where the show is headed.

I want everyone to know that this post is not to sway anyone in any direction. This new feature: Whose Side, Saturday? is to encourage you to comment and discuss what your views are on the topic of the week.

So what side are you?

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  1. I have to say that, though it is a very difficult decision, im a total sam girl. I cant find any affection for that hottie Dean whenever i see how well he goes with jo... But sam's got that sensitive side...and mm, those abs!
    "Becky, can you stop touching me?" "no." haha!