Echoes (Trust) by Melinda Metz

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Title: Echoes (Trust)
Author: Melinda Metz
Pages: 240
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June 2001, 2010

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It was Anthony who helped me understand what I can do-who showed me that I wasn't crazy.
I was only trying to thank him, to help him find what he's been searching for his entire life. But he thinks I've betrayed him.
He doesn't understand that the answers I found aren't what either one of us expected-and the truth could hurt me as much as it hurts him.
So I finally finished the book, only to find out that there are seven books in the series.  I can see these books being an hour long episode for a TV show rather than a 240- page novel.  It just seemed like there was nothing really going on, nothing was really accomplished except minor goals that Rae, the main character, has been planning since book two. 

This book, Trust, is the third book in the series and it is more of the same of Haunted.  Rae is going after Anthony's dad, to find out what happened to him, to give Anthony, her friend, some closure.  That is the conflict that results in the entire rest of the novel.  I wasn't feeling terribly excited to read this.  I could have done without the dragging on of descriptions and Rae's whining of how her best friend hates her.  I began to get old around page 100 and continued until the end of the book.

The only thing I especially liked was the epilogue again.  Maybe it is the sensation of not knowing the narrator who is speaking or just the voice of someone new, I really like the tone in the epilogue.  That is the reason I'm going to read the rest of books in the series, because the epilogue made me want to know.  If there wasn't something like that at the end of the book, I wouldn't even pick another Fingerprints book up ever again.  
The plot of this book was disappointing.  The second book, Haunted, had a very lovely plot that I could appreciate, but for this one- that wasn't the case.  None of the questions were answered that I wanted responses to.  Rae did begin to find some information about her murdered mother, but not enough to satisfy me. 
Cover (Echoes): 5
Writing Style: 3
Characters: 3
Plot: 3
Ending: 4
Overall: 3

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