Kickin' It: May 2022 Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Kickin’ It is a feature at The Bucket List where I round-up the whole month in one post, bringing you reviews you may have missed, other awesome bookish things, and even what I’m currently obsessed with in other media besides books. May was an okay month. As I am settling into my new job, I’m getting back into reading more and more. It just took me some time to work out a schedule, fitting in reading when I could. While I didn’t read as much as I have been these past few months, I would say this month was a more average reading month, as far as quantity and quality. Overall, I was able to finish 10 books. Here’s what I read in May:

Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci (4 stars): Whenever I come across a celebrity memoir, I usually always add them to my TBR. Tucci’s memoir is no different. However, instead of discussing his life as an actor, he explored his relationship with food. I highly recommend giving the audiobook a listen since it’s narrated by Tucci himself. It was a fresh take on a celebrity memoir that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Long Way Home by Katie McGarry (4 stars): Throughout 2022, I am slowly trying to finish as many series as I can since I tend to shy away from finales. I’m delighted to have finished another series and only wish that there was more in McGarry’s series to continue with, because I loved these motorcycle gang romances so much!

Where I End and You Begin by Preston Norton (3 stars): I went into this expecting major Freaky Friday vibes, but left feeling disappointed. Sure, these two characters switch places and some of their struggles are mentioned, I never felt connected to anyone to care a whole lot about their situation. While there was an unexpected amount of cursing for a YA novel, I also found the focus and the message of the novel to be missing something big. I’m willing to try reading from this author again, but this book was just not for me.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace (3 stars): I have always enjoyed slam poetry so I thought I may enjoy Lovelace’s style. However, it turned out just to be okay for me.

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin (4 stars): For a readathon I participated in, there was a prompt to read a book under 100 pages. Realizing I don’t own any book under 100 pages, I chose this children’s picture book at my local library. It was a cute read of dragons eating tacos. 

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (4 stars): While the style between Kaur and Lovelace were quite similar, I enjoyed the more flowery writing of this poetry than the other.

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan (4 stars): This is the second book in the Kane Chronicles series. I decided to continue in this series, while I was devouring Moon Knight, Marvel’s latest television show on Disney+. They both involve Egyptian folklore and myths. There was even some overlap in the mythology mentioned—it was a lot of fun to read and watch at the same time.

And With Madness Comes the Light by Karina Halle (4 stars): It’s no secret that I completely adore the Experiment in Terror series by Halle. This is a novella that takes place between books 6 and 7. While I usually don’t read novellas, this is one of the first times readers are introduced to the male character’s perspective in first person.

Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson (4 stars): The premise was over-the-top adorable. Plus, I love a fantastic romance set in a publishing house. While I was disappointed with the lack of development at the end as this book should have been a bit longer than it was, Ferguson still delivers a cute, clean romance that had me smiling ear to ear.

In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens (4 stars): In the vein of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, readers are given a lovely adventure on the open seas. This one was such fun and the perfect book to ring in the summer season!

Forging Silver into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer (6/7/22): Kemmerer is back with a new series set in the Cursebreakers world. Do you know what that means? Some of my favorite characters will be making an appearance! This is going to be such a fantastic book!

For the Love of the Bard by Jessica Martin (6/28/22): I am such a Shakespeare nerd so when I heard about a contemporary romance that involves Shakespeare, I knew I needed to pick it up.

Our Crooked Hearts by Melissa Albert (6/28/22): I adored The Hazel Wood books. However, I am kind of hesitant as this one involves witches, which aren’t my favorite stories to read. The cover has me intrigued so I will be picking this one up!

How was your May? Did you read any amazing books?

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