Reasons Why I Joined Bookstagram (And Why You Should Too!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I don’t know why it took me so long to join Bookstagram. It is probably the best decision I’ve made last year. I, only, started joining in amazing monthly challenges and taking pictures of books since December of 2016 but it has been such a fun ride that I thought I’d give you some reasons why you should join Bookstagram too.

Look at all that Pretty!

Seriously, I knew books were gorgeous. But when you put their shiny covers, colorful spines and all the sparkly in a photo with fancy props, you start to notice how beautiful books really can be. Looking at all the amazing photos, it also gives me the opportunity to notice some of my favorite books with different covers. It opens whole new doors on buying books—as in, should I get this cover or this cover?

Join the community

I can’t tell you exactly when Bookstagram started but the community keeps on growing. There are so many accounts, talented and overflowing with gorgeous book photos. Similar to the book blogging community, the bookstagram community is so nice and you quickly will become friends with so many people with similar tastes in books.

Taking photos of books is fun

Who knew taking pictures of books could be so much fun? I don’t have a particular process yet since I haven’t been doing bookstagram for that long but I mainly take all my photos during the weekend. It is exciting to pick out color schemes that may work and props that could go with certain books to put into my pictures. Then when the picture comes together, just as I imagined it, it is the best feeling in the world.

Another outlet to talk about books

We have our book blogs, Goodreads, Facebook and all those other outlets we go to talking about books. Instagram is such a genius idea to make the book community visual and alive within the square dimensions of the pictures. It gives us a judgement-free zone to actually judge a book by its cover. And not only, can we connect over the picture but also have monthly photo challenges, read alongs, and contests all on the Instagram app.

Have you joined Bookstagram yet? Tell me your Instagram details in the comments. You can follow my bookstagram @jeannamichel.

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