6 Books on My TBR: March 2016

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Since I took a small vacation from the Internet last month, I didn't see the point in writing up a Kickin' It post when I only posted one review last month. I know. I was shocked myself. But with the busy month, and being in a depressing reading slump, I didn't read or write much at all. However, I'm starting this month off right.

I just finished Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor, a debut time travel adventure. It was fantastic! So much so, that I am back -- out of my reading slump and back on the saddle. Well, at least I hope I am. I'm currently diving head first into Glass Sword, the sequel to the awesome Red Queen, by Victoria Averyard. I'm loving every minute of that as well. So I have high hopes for this month's reading.

My TBR tends to change a lot but I do put the books I want to read for that month in a pile on my floor so it's easy to just swipe one up and go on my merry way. This, my friends, is what I have in my pile this March.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (7/26/05): I binge-watched the first season of Outlander a few months ago. I was going to wait until I read the books but the series seems to be never-ending so I started with the show first. And it surprised me. I didn't think I would like it but I so did. Since the second season starts up again in April, I thought I would finally get a move on with the series and find out what will happen with Jamie and Claire in France before the season starts up.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (1/5/16): I started this book as soon as it came out but then got distracted or disinterested. I was only 20 pages in so I can't say how much I liked it. Except it's a time travel adventure, of course I'm going to like it. I'll just have to read it and find out. I will probably not be reading it back to back with Outlander though since I don't want to mix up my time travels. :)

Winter by Marissa Meyer (11/10/15): When I rechecked the publication date on this, all I could think about was: What have I been doing with my life that I haven't read the finale to the Lunar Chronicles yet? Obviously, wasting my time.  Winter has been my top priority for months but the reading slump kept pushing it to the back. No more, my friends!

Allegiant by Veronica Roth (10/22/13): Confession: I just found out that Allegiant, the movie, releases March 18.  I've been putting off reading this book since it came out because EVERYONE says that it breaks their heart. I don't want to go through that, considering I loved Divergent and Insurgent. Four and Tris and my OTP forever.  I don't want spoilers so I will definitely be reading this before the movie releases!

The Winner's Curse (3/4/14) and The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski (3/3/15): I'm a true believer in reading the series after it is completed and the third one comes out this month (March 29)! I'm excited to start this series. A lot of reviews have raved how fantastic the writing is.

What will you be reading this month?

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