Five Reasons Why The 5th Wave Killed It

Thursday, January 28, 2016

When I read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, I was floored. I hate science fiction and to actually LOVE a book from the genre was simply mind blowing. Since that was way back in 2013, a reread definitely is in order.  Especially since the movie released and I went in remembering the main plot but not much else. This is the sort of post that I will likely revisit, after a reread.

However, The 5th Wave, the movie, certainly took the audience on a captivating ride.  The book will always be better but this movie had some stuff going for it (and maybe not).  If you haven't found out already (especially with 10 Reasons Why the Premiere of Shadowhunters Turned Out to be Incredibly Lame), I am a true believer in finding the laughs in something bad.  The 5th Wave was, by far, not bad but I couldn't help snorting out loud in many parts.

The 5th Wave killed it, in a sense.  The special effects were phenomenal, the acting was superb, but some of the writing --- I just can't.  Here's five reasons why the movie totally rocked and sometimes didn't:

Evan Walker puts Mr. Darcy to shame.

I'll wait while you unglue your jaw from the floor. Then I'll hit you with the rest of the scene. 

Move over, Mr. Darcy because Evan Walker is taking your spot in the lake.  (Source: Tumblr)  It's pretty terrible that I decided to put this scene first. I mean, there were plenty of awesome scenes (like every scene with a depiction of a Wave, but I don't even mention them in this list. Why?: I don't know many details about their budget for the movie, but I'm sure it was big to create those sort of special effects.) Before we move on, let's firmly push Mr. Darcy out and welcome Evan Walker.  Total hunk: part time sniper and full time Cassie's bodyguard. (I ship these two so hard.)

Liev Schreiber nails his role.

I'm not all about noticing pretty faces (and abs). Liev Schreiber rocks every role I've seen him in. This one, as Colonel Vosch, is no different.  The first role I saw him in was in Kate and Leopold, where he plays a dreamer who believes he found a loop in time. (It's a really good movie!) Schreiber has since been in countless other films and now best known for his lead role in the TV show, Ray Donovan.

"I choose you." A bad Pokemon pun or a shameless plug for the upcoming film, The Choice.

The choice. So dramatic. So cliche. My brother and I just started laughing in the pin-dropping quiet of the theater.  The full line, said by amazing Evan Walker, is:
"I was wrong, when I said I was both one of you and one of them.  You can't be both, you have to choose.  I choose you."
*Snort.* The way it is said, Evan starts out by implying the (SPOILERS, if you have't read the book or seen the movie) "you" as humans and the "them" as aliens. But by the end of his line, he clearly is talking about Cassie, alone. The whole scene is super serious and well-played.  The pickup line is clearly picked up. Cliches work.

A movie that targets both girls and boys.

There is a stream of new super-hero movies and shows on TV now, ever since the Avengers hit it big.  It is no question who those movies and shows are targeted to.  Marketing knows gender roles and what each one likes and dislikes.  The majority of the Avengers audience is probably male.  The 5th Wave is perfect for EVERYONE. That's right, isn't that awesome?  It's got aliens, action, attractive boys, an awesome female protagonist! Mentioning The 5th Wave's protagonist...

A strong, independent female protagonist who intends to save her brother all by herself.

You know how much I love strong female protagonists! They are all the rage, what with Katniss and Tris making headlines.  Move over, girls, Cassie is taking over! She is awesome!

After I reread the book, I'll have to watch the movie again and look at all the things I've looked over because I'm sure there is a lot.  Like Ben Parish. I remember there being quite a more Ben Parish in the book.  Until next time, then.

Have you seen The 5th Wave yet? What did you think of it?

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  1. This was a great story. Loads of suspense, and thrilling moments that made me fear for the well being of this character. Her story is devastating, but realistically portrayed as we can feel the courage that she summons to continue on her journey to save her bro. I can't imagine being that close to my little brother, but I'd like to think that I too would try to save his life.

    A little long, so settle down for a lengthy experience. It's well worth it!