10 Reasons Why the Premiere of Shadowhunters Turned Out to Be Incredibly Lame

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It is not a secret that, here, at The Bucket List love the Mortal Instruments series.  Way back in 2011, we brought you an awesome City of Bones discussion.  We freaking love anything that Cassandra Clare gives us.  As much as the City of Bones movie was okay, I always knew it had to be a TV show.  That way, I feel that we could get more of the book and focus less on the bad effects.  It was a win win when I heard there was going to be a TV show.  Titled the Shadowhunters, it premiered last night.  Much to my dismay, it wasn't as great as I hoped.  Actually, it turned out to be incredibly lame.  Here's why:

Shadowhunters is Supernatural meets a procedural cop show.

Why did Luke have to be a cop? It serves a purpose to all those procedural cop show fans but do we really need another one? Luke owns a bookstore in the book, come on.  So the creators of Shadowhunters are playing it up as this group hunting demons that may or may not find its way into the legal system.  Ugh, why!

Non subtle things that happened in the book become super subtle in the show.

The reason the club is called Pandemonium is clever for those who get it.  But, seriously, it's clever because it wasn't literally flashing the word DEMON in front of your face.  For real, the show literally has it flashing.  It doesn't seem so clever, it seems just bad now.

You could play a drinking game with how many times Jace was confused in the first episode.

Jace is supposed to be a confident, borderline cocky jerk the first time we meet him.  Instead he turns out to be a really confused guy who doesn't know how to roll with things.  Yep, Clary can see you through your Glamour. Confused. Yep, she's been drawing runes in her sketchbook. Confused.  Come on, Jace.  This isn't you.

Isabelle does a sexy dance.

Did not see that one coming.  The gang got all the demons in one place and closed the curtain (even though they were glamoured). The demons are in one place-- what are you waiting for? Oh, the boys mutter something like, "Isabelle, you're up." Like, Isabelle, we only hang out with you only for your looks and how you do a sexy dance before killing demons.  What was the point!

It would all be somewhat bearable IF the script wasn't so cheesy.

So let me bring you up to speed.  Clary gets bit by a demon and falls unconscious.  It is the one time we see Jace not confused.  He picks her up and holds her and says, "I got'chu." I literally died. She;s unconscious and I just can't. There were tons of other moments but that one stands out so much.  Also, a play on Harry Potter where Hagrid reveals Harry's power, Jace gets all quiet and tells Clary, "You're a Shadowhunter, Clary Fray." Like she even knows what that is.  I just can't.  The script was cheesy at best.

It's strange how Clary's sketchbook shows up everywhere.

Are you hiding that thing under your shirt, Clary? You got bit by a demon, was unconscious for two days.  Unless Jace picked it up at your house (which would be kind of creepy, what a snoop he is), you must of hid it under your shirt because Jace is going through it, without asking, while you're resting.

It's the first episode and Jace has already gotten Clary naked.

Alec is pissed.  He was so upset that he had to leave the room.  Well, duh. Jace was too focused looking confused at Clary to really notice that one.  Recap: Clary came back to the apartment building and got bit.  Her pants were fine, nothing wrong with them.  So where did they go?  Jace is such a naughty jerk.  

Clary's mom, Jocelyn turns out to be a real jerk.

If I recall, in the book, Jacolyn never wanted to share her secrets.  She was against Clary finding out but then the spell wore off and, by that point, it was too late.  Instead, in Shadowhunters, her mom doesn't seem to care what bringing her into the Shadowhunter world would mean.  So, here, "Happy Birthday, Clary.  Here's a stele.  Use it wisely." And all the generic, "one day you will understand," but "trust no one," because "I'm about to be taken."

Did it really matter where Valentine is hiding out?

Guys, his hideout is in Chernobyl. Did that piece of information really matter?

The Institute turns out to be a sort-of police station for Downworlders.

There were so many people just bustling about.  It was complete with a white board with the latest Downworlder crimes and whatnot.  And not even a sign of Hodge, if you can believe it.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I didn't focus on all the strange and just bad things going on in that first episode.  There were some fabulous things happening too.  (Can we please talk about how Simon and how is awesome in every way?)

Did you watch the first episode of the Shadowhunters? How did you like it?

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  1. Jace honestly fell so flat for me. Like, WHERE WAS HIS ARROGANCE?! WHERE IS THE BOOK JACE I KNOW AND LOVE :( The Institute was so weirdly high techy and had so many people which I did not like. I thought it was okay and I'm hoping each episode is going to get better as the show goes on and finds its groove!