3 Books and 4 Movies to Help You Get Over Your Hunger Games Withdrawal

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

It’s been weeks since the release of the final Hunger Games movie: Mockingjay Part 2.  After watching, I looked back at all the books and the previous movies and realized it was over.  There is not going to be another film. Another book to look forward to.  What will we do?  Since walking out of that movie theater a few weeks ago, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I get when something really good ends.  Mind you, Mockingjay wasn’t my favorite book of the three and I’m fully aware I have trouble finishing series but Part 2 was fantastic, surpassing my expectations.  One of the many reasons I have trouble finishing series is because if that certain series is really good, I know I’m going to go through some sort of withdrawal—or even seep into a reading slump.  It happens with movies and TV shows too. 

After discussing this with some friends, I know that my Hunger Games withdrawal is only natural.  I am not the only one missing the series already.  Below, I complied three books and four movies to truly quench or even help you get over your withdrawal of the Hunger Games series.

Can't get enough of the Hunger Games book series? Read these.

The Selection by Kiera Cass: Described as The Hunger Games in the palace, this dystopian landscape is for those readers who definitely needed more romance in Suzanne Collins' killing games.  From each village (or district) one girl is taken to the palace and thus brought through various tests, interviews, and other forms of press.  The prince must discard one by one and ultimately, select the winner to be his bride.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman: Can't get enough of games to the death? How about running from your death?  In this dystopian, parents have the choice to have their child "unwound," a procedure which takes all their organs out, ultimately killing them.  A group of kids, about to be unwound can't stand for that and run from their demise, making it their duty to try to figure out a way to stop all of this.

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger: Missing Katniss, the strong female lead of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?  Need someone with her strength?  As much as Collins started the craze that is strong female leads, there are some fantastic protagonists out there.  Bianca, protagonist of The DUFF, has strength and sass in the perfect combination.  And don't forget to watch the film afterwards for some good laughs!

Need more dystopian on the big screen? Watch these.

The Island: The main characters in this show are brought up in a seemingly utopia. It is a great honor to be chosen to go to the Island.  What they don't know if the Island does not exist, but rather they are brought to the medical center to be harvested for organs.  

Taken: "You are about to be taken." Don't you miss the action that enveloped the newest Mockingjay movie? Taken has all that action and more.  Set in modern day, a daughter of a retired CIA agent vacations abroad with a friend only to be kidnapped.  The father will stop at nothing to get back his daughter, alive. If you're in the mood for something like Taken, watch The Man From Nowhere.

Silver Linings Playbook: We all know that Jennifer Lawrence is awesome and not just as Katniss.  She has a fantastic acting range and I can't wait until her new movie, Joy, releases!  

Love, Rosie: I can't be the only one who thought that Finnick stole the show in the last three movies.  I will never get enough of him.  Love, Rosie goes to show Finnick fans that Sam Claflin does not need a trident to win you over.

These books and movies can't sate your Hunger Games withdrawal?  Whenever I am going through withdrawal, sometimes it is best to do a reread or do a movie marathon.  Whatever you choose, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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