Thoughts from a NYC Editorial Intern (Part 2)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

(photo source) Right now, I am coming at you from my comfy chair in the New York countryside.  But if you had wanted to chat two weeks ago--since the beginning of the summer--I have been in New York, The Big Apple.  I've been interning, working and blogging about books.  Last week, I had my last day and am now enjoying the nice morning air with a coffee while I think back to the days of being in the city, being surrounded with books and working with publishers.  It's sharing time! Let's begin:

Remember back in grade school when you had to ask for permission to use the restroom then you would sign out and take this block that served as the bathroom pass.  College said goodbye to passes with a “You’re adults now.  Go when you want.” With many offices today, they require a bathroom key since the office is just a rented space on the floor with many other rented offices.  Just like grade school, we are back to taking the bathroom pass.  Don’t forget it; otherwise, you will be staring at the door and wondering why it won’t open when you turn the knob.

If you are a coffee-drinker, it’s definitely a must.  Welcome to NYC.  Coffee basically just fits the picture you are painting.  NYC, check. Girl in work clothes, check.  Internship in office, check.  You just need the coffee; it’s a fashion-thing.

As most of you know, I do not live in the city.  During my internship, I stayed at my friend’s house in the city but that was for a single week.  Thus, I experimented with two commutes.  The one to my house and the one to my friend’s (in the Bronx).  From my house, I drive an hour and then take the train for another two hours.  So much reading time allowed.  To my friend’s, I take the subway which is almost always crowded until Harlem passes and then I can take the book out and enjoy.  However, it was much less of a commute which meant less reading time but this also meant more sleep for me too.  Lesson learned here: always utilize your commute time to the fullest.

Even if you are allowed to wear jeans and a graphic T-shirt, don’t look like a slob.  This is an internship, not a food stand.  Dress to impress.

The last lesson learned at my internship.  You got an internship (yah). Don’t try too hard to impress because it’ll come off as strange.  You were hired for being you (or the you from that interview), continue to be you.  Continue to be as awesome as ever!

While interning at The Book Report Network, I learned so much.  My internship taught me so much about the publishing industry and the professional world, in general.  It certainly changed me and prepared me to take on the world.  

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