This Summer's Gonna Hurt

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are you ready for that new John Green film to come out? Paper Towns is set to release Friday, July 24!  Here's the trailer below:

To get you even more ready for the release of the movie, I'm recommending some awesome books and movies that are slightly John Green-related to get you in the mood!  (Definition to slightly John Green-related: anything that gives its audiences A LOT of feels.)

Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid --- Compared to John Green early on, this debut from Alsaid will have you thinking Paper Towns right away.  Complete with road trip and finding yourself.  Alsaid makes his characters even more real with his gorgeous narration.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler --- Don't we all deserve an explanation-- a look on our past relationship-- to understand went truly went wrong?  In this heart-wrenching novel, we follow a couple unravel the reasons of exactly what was it that made them break up.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher --- Left on an old tape, the protagonist leaves approximately thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life.

Hate List by Jennifer Brown --- In the aftermath of a school shooting, the killer's girlfriend attempts to understand what happened to make her boyfriend do something like this.

After Hello by Lisa Mangum --- There is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing what happens after hello.  The inevitable goodbye.

Hwayi: A Monster Boy (dir. Joon-Hwan Jang) --- Kidnapped as a baby and raised by a group of killers, this young boy sets out to make things right.  Even if that means killing the people who raised him.

Doubt (dir. John Patrick Shanley) --- A well-known cast takes the stage as nuns conclude that their own Priest is having a forbidden affair with one of the children from the school. It is unclear whether this is true and that is when the doubt consumes them.

Shutter Island (dir. Martin Scorsese) --- Leonardo DeCaprio plays an investigator, hired to crack the case of a missing patient of Shutter Island.  Unfortunately, there is no escape except in death away from the island. 

P.S. I Love You (dir. Richard LaGravenese) --- The protagonist starts receiving letters from her late husband and finally starts learning how to live without him.

Norwegian Wood (dir. Tran Anh Hung) --- Gorgeous Kenichi Matsuyama plays the main character in this drama of a love gone wrong, a crush who patiently waits, and an ending that leaves audiences breathless.

Ready for all those feels? These books and movies will surely get you in the mood for John Green's latest film! Happy feeling!

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