Blogger Behind the Bookshelf (City Love)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blogger Behind the Bookshelf is a fantastic feature here at The Bucket List.  It’s been roughly five years since I started this website and as much as you may know a lot about the many books I love and hate, you may not know my favorite movies or food or anything else really.  This feature is supposed to share a little about myself, while still connecting it to books. 

This week’s book is City Love by Susane Colasanti which is about three girls who move to New York City and begin to have the time of their lives.  It is the first book in the City Love series.

Unfortunately, I don't live in an awesome city like the three main characters from City Love do.  However, I hope to move to NYC in the next year.  But until then, I'll share with you five amazing places in my area that if you make the drive, you definitely need to check out.

In my area, we don't get many tourists.  And if we do get tourists, it's for Bethel Woods.  Bethel Woods is actually a restored historical site.  You may have heard of that small three day music festival that happened in 1969.  Bethel Woods is actually the location of that event.  In the past ten years, they restored it and now it is a gorgeous concert venue, museum (equipped with a gift shop), and inspiring views.

Everyone loves pizza.  And since you are in New York, you definitely need to go to Benji and Jake's to get your pizza fix.  There may be three-five pizzerias in the area but Benji and Jake's make it totally different.  They use wheat crust which is super delicious.  Plus they have some awesome gelato.  You can pass this place up next time you are around.  Going to concert at Bethel Woods? Stop by for a pie.

Yes, if you are traveling around- you can not go on vacation without books.  Before you sigh and be like, "Of course, she would recommend Barnes & Noble." This is no ordinary Barnes & Noble, my friend.  I don't know what your local Barnes & Noble has but this one, in Paramus, NJ has a used section where you can purchase books for less than $2.  It truly is a magical place.

Since I don't live in the city, there isn't much to do around besides eat, shop, and take pics of the view.  The country is relaxing though, when you are not working.  Take a drive.  Get inspired.

It's summer, guys!  In my area, we don't have a beach but we definitely have a lake.  It is a pretty big lake where locals (and tourists) come to jetski, water ski, swim, boat, and party the summer days (and nights) away.

What kind of awesome places would you recommend for people coming to your area?

You can join in on the fun too!  If you want to answer the question, feel free to comment or even write your own blog post showcasing the book and the question (just link it in the comment section).

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