Final Thoughts on Divergent and BEA

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Final Thoughts on Divergent

Well, now I want to know what happens next, of course! I need more than a measly promo for the next book, I NEED TO READ IT! But whatever Roth (sticks tounge out). I’m so glad Tris and Tobias made it through because I would have died if one had to end up killing the other. By the way, I knew Tobias was going to pull the corny, “I love you” line to Tris because every single other book like that has this happen when the love interest survives. So, to that I say, enjoy this:
Overall, I love this book and it is definitely on my list of favorites with The Sparrowby Mary Russell being my number one. By the way, if you do read The Sparrow, make sure that you have a VERY OPEN MIND if you consider reading it. Please. Anyway, I think this was so much better than the Hunger Games, although the first two books in that series were pretty good. So, no I must go read Insurgent since we finished the book discussion!

Thanks Gina for recommending this book to me, and I had a lot of fun with the discussion! Thanks to those who kept up with the book discussion, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you also enjoyed your reading of Divergent. I hope you read it, if you didn’t, please go borrow it from someone or buy it, it is DEFINITELY WORTH IT. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, and now I exit stage left!

You can read my full review on Divergent by Veronica Roth HERE.  I loved reading Divergent with all of you and hope we can read another book together soon!

Once again this post should have been written a bit earlier but, using the same excuse as I did last year, finals week and other college events kept me from letting all of you know.  I am attending BEA, Book Expo of America, again this year.  This will be my second time and I am super excited this year!

Gina’s Top 5 Exciting Things to Do during BEA Week:

Meet Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead is one of my favorite YA authors of all time.  She made me love the supernatural/vampire genre way more than Twilight ever did.  Mead might have also created one of the best YA boys in all of YA.  I cannot wait to see what she is like, in person.  She is going to be so awesome!  She is signing 2-3PM on May 31 at Table 18.

Network with Publishers

Not only am I a book blogger but I’m also an aspiring publisher, something I must have forgotten last year in the excitement of BEA.  Actually, I am going to college, in hopes of becoming a book publishing.  Last year, I didn’t make a huge effort to network.  Sure, I networked with loads of bloggers and met publishers at Egmont USA and Macmillan but this year, I plan on going on a networking trip.  Maybe some of the publishers can even tell me some advice about being in the business, one can only ask to find out, right?

During the Week:
Teen Author Carnival

Teen Author Carnival was a blast last year.  Last year, I showed up late to the event but I still was able to hear some of the best panels of the week.  This year’s lineup does not look as exciting as last year’s but I’m still looking forward to meeting Elizabeth Scott and David Levithan!  The Teen Author Carnival takes place at the Jefferson Market Library at 6:30-9PM on May 29.

Visit Book Off

This year, I actually made a list of places I want to visit and so many people have recommended I check out a store called Book Off.  It’s a bookstore that has incredible prices of books and a large section of manga and CDs as well.  Since this year in college, I was introduced to some awesome manga, I definitely want to check this place out.

Walk around Central Park

Even though, last year, I lived relatively close to the park, I wasn’t able to walk through it like I had wanted.  This year, I am making a plan to walk around Central Park.  It’s definitely happening this year.

If you are going to BEA and want to meet and hang out, leave a comment below.  If this is your first time going, send me an email with questions and I’ll be sure to answer any you have.  If you’re a pro at anything BEA, let us know any tips you can think of, in the comments.

I’m BEA Bound, are you?

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