Dear BBC's Sherlock fans,

Monday, January 14, 2013

This feature is one of the new ones I have going around on The Bucket List.  Dear... is a feature where I write a letter that is not going to be sent, but may have a slim chance of being seen by a specific person or group.  These letters are not meant to be offensive, but meant to spark discussion.  Today, I am writing a letter to BBC's Sherlock fans who refuse to watch CBS's Elementary

Dear BBC’s Sherlock fans who refuse to watch Elementary,         

There are a lot of you out there.  As soon as CBS’s announced a new series based off of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (not the TV show, rather the book series), BBC’s Sherlock fans were in an outrage.  I was not particularly happy with CBS at the time of the announcement either, knowing that they are only riding off BBC’s Sherlock’s popularity. 

I wasn’t planning on watching the TV show.  I was convinced that there are way too many crime shows out there.  Personally, it took me (for that exact same reason) a while to start watching BBC’s Sherlock.  A friend recommended it to me but told me that it was on hiatus and that there were only three episodes per season. I hate waiting and so I refused to watch Sherlock until I saw it in the library DVD section and thought I might as well try it out.  It was genius. 
When the pilot of Elementary released, I told myself I would try the first episode and if I didn’t like it, I would not continue.  However, the first episode caught my interest and when the second episode came out, I had to watch it.  CBS’s Elementary is fantastic! 

Now I am not here to rant to you about how great the show is (even though it is and all should check it out), this is a message to you, BBC’s Sherlock fans, refusing to watch Elementary: if you are not going to watch CBS’s Elementary (for whatever reason) than stop bashing a TV series that you don’t watch and haven’t even given a try.

For those of you who don’t know, Sherlock is actually a book series by Arthur Conan Doyle.  I haven’t read the books but I plan to.  BBC’s Sherlock is, of course, not the first to take on the series.  America has actually a few ongoing TV shows which are based on either the books or just the character, Sherlock, himself.  House is a popular crime show where the character, House, is based on Sherlock Holmes.  More recent is The Mentalist (which I watch sometimes), where Patrick Jane is a consulting detective for the police who seeks revenge on Red John for murdering his wife and daughter.  These are popular TV shows.  I think Elementary should get the popularity it deserves and BBC’s Sherlock fans, who do not watch, should stop putting down those who do.

Disclaimer: If this letter was offensive to you, it was unintentionally done.  Remember I am a BBC’s Sherlock fan as well but I actually gave Elementary a chance. 

At least watch the pilot and give it a chance.  If you won’t even give it a try then don’t say anything about it at all.


What is your favorite TV show?

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  1. See, I take pride in that I watch Elementary so as to hold me off until season 3 of Sherlock, and then I bash Elementary. Not everything is terrible, I just don't particularly care for the actors or the screenwriting. Nevertheless I agree, don't complain about something you haven't watched. Good morale.

  2. Have watched it but, have been utterly spoilt by the brilliance of bbc sherlock.