Movie Monday (Life of Pi)

Monday, November 05, 2012

Every Monday I try to bring you some awesome news about the upcoming movies of your favorite novels, as well as, reviews of movies that have released from books that you've read. 

Today I want to discuss that amazing book-turned-movie.  I have talked about this upcoming movie before but since we are in the month of November and the film is set to release November 21, I am so excited that I want to discuss it further.  I have already interviewed the genius, Yann Martel which you can read HERE and to get you in the mood for the movie, I have talked about the cast HERE.  

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Since the summary on Goodreads is longer than the length of the spoon I am using to eat breakfast right now, I am going to give you a little summary:   Piscine, Pi for short, lives with his parents and their zoo.  His parents decide to escape their country.  However, when a terrible storm hits their ship, Pi is left to fend for himself.  Pi travels the ocean in a small boat, with a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a very hungry tiger.      
If you haven't read this book yet, what are you waiting for?  The film is coming out and I definitely have high hopes for it.  Here's why:

I had a friend come to me after seeing this trailer and just shook her head at me, "What is going on?  What is this movie about?"  Well, I basically told you all what the book was about in the summary but let me break down the trailer for you.  This trailer, by the way, is close to perfect, I just hope the movie is the same way.

Ah, all the pretty colors in this trailer are just gorgeous!  Pi, who is supposed to be a young boy seems more like a high school-aged kid, which I don't think makes much difference.  When the trailer starts, you get to see the awesome ship wreck scene, it looks like.  Morning comes and he is now on a small boat, with very pretty colors in the sky.  Pi finds the scary tiger in the boat.  That tiger looks real; I wonder if its CGI.  We get a glimpse of the creepy meerkat island.  Oh, yes, I love the looks of this movie.  Check it out on its release date on November 21.  My review will be up sometime that weekend too because I am not missing this one.

Are you going to watch this movie?

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