Doctor Who Ramblings (7x2)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You know how I like to ramble.  And what better subject to ramble on than Doctor Who.  Doctor Who Ramblings may be a new feature here at The Bucket List.  I thought long and hard about what direction I want to take this site.  The Bucket List is all about books all the time, but sometimes I want to ramble about other things too.  I have decided that Wednesday, instead of participating in memes, my television will be making the calls.  On Wednesdays, The Bucket List will be open to ramblings about my favorite TV shows and yours.

Of course, I will not be abandoning my books.  For every ramble, I'm going to give you a book recommendation that you might enjoy if you liked the episode. Onto this new Doctor Who episode (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, 7x2):

5 Reasons Why you Need to See this Episode
Disclaimer: I do not own any component of the show.  I am just a fan of Doctor Who and want to share the awesomeness with you.  If you haven't watched this episode and fully intend to, there are spoilers below.

1. Doctor Who is having the guest list piling up for this week's episode!  Guest stars that include Rupert Graves (BBC's Sherlock's Lestrade), David Bradley (Harry Potter's Filch), and Mark Williams (Harry Potter's Mr. Weasley).  These characters are fantastic.  Williams is playing Rory's father.  Yes, his father.  When watching the episode, I can actually see them being related.  Graves is Riddell, a game hunter, who no one has ever heard of.  Even though I can still see his police officer look seep through this one, I still enjoy him being in this episode.  Bradley is playing Solomon.  I love these cast of characters.  They seem like they wouldn't go together but, after all, it is Doctor Who.
2. Put two historical figures in a room together: flirting ensues.  Yes, I haven't much heard of Riddell; he might actually just be fiction.  But here's the scene.  In a room.  Nefertiti.  Riddell.  And Amy (but we can ignore her, for the time being).  Because here comes the flirting!

3. The Doctor kisses Rory.  Whoa, what?  Matt Smith may be an affectionate Doctor but, in a fit of pure happiness, I have never expected him to start kissing everyone.  (Well, not everyone, but) Rory!  How did you feel about that?  As quick it may have been, I think it something, us, fans will not forget easily.

4. The episode in which the Doctor actually acts like a doctor.  Yeah, a lot of people who don't watch the show will always ask questions like Why is he called the Doctor; is he really a doctor?  The answer was always something like No, he's a Time Lord.  Well, in this episode, he is a doctor.  Not THE Doctor, but a doctor.  The Doctor playing a doctor.  It's fun to think about.

5. Dinosaurs!  Enough said.

If you liked this episode, you might like this book:
Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

Any thoughts on the latest Doctor Who episode?

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  1. Lol i completely agree with no. 3 and 5. I can't wait for the next episode! :)

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  2. hahahaha.I am a Whovian and it is so nice to read a post from someone who loves The Doctor as much as me.