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Monday, September 03, 2012

Before I came to college last year, I had no clue what Doctor Who was.  Sure, I was an avid fan of BBCA ever since the premiere of Robin Hood in 2006, but when Doctor Who airs sometime in the early morning, the Doctor and I never crossed paths.

Well, until I came to college.  That's when all of this Doctor Who "timey wimey stuff" really became popular.  That's when I met my future best friend, Jackie, who turned out to be a future Doctor Who fan.  She converted me into a part-time Whovian.  (Translation: Part-time Whovian- a casual watcher of Doctor Who, seeing the occasional episodes in no particular orders.  But when this watcher views any episodes of Doctor Who, believe me, she does not blink.)  The other part, or even the other full-time position, is being taken up by Sherlock and Supernatural, both, I am sure I will talk about sometime in the near future.

Today's post is being taken up by my thoughts on Doctor Who.  For those of you who do not know, Doctor Who's seventh season aired last Saturday and the entire episode was BRILLIANT.  Oh, that's right, it was fantastic!       

My first doctor happens to be Matt Smith.  I love him for three AMAZING reasons.  (1) He is crazy, awesome, and twitchy.  I realize, these are a lot of attributes to previous Doctors, but Matt Smith just does this personality in a way that makes me smile.  (2) He wears a bowtie.  I didn't know how much I loved bowties until I saw Doctor Who. (3) I am convinced he is part Nerdfighter because he definitely has some issues with his Puff Level.  Yeah, I seriously like this Doctor.

On to the episode: Doctor Who's Asylum of the Daleks (7x1)
5 Things that Made this Episode Awesome
Disclaimer: If you haven't watched this episode and fully intend to, there are spoilers below.

1. Humans can now be made into Daleks.  That was interesting, wasn't it?  Steven Moffat is definitely getting back into the swing of things, and is definitely not skipping any beats.

2. Daleks have eggs.  Rory wants to give the eggs to them.  I really thought the idea was cute and stupid at the same time.  Very nice comic relief HERE.

3. Oswin makes the Daleks forget the Doctor.  Which, of course, brings about the question we have been patiently waiting for forever.  Doctor who?  Well, Matt Smith shoves that question right back at the Daleks.  *sigh with frustration* Yeah, I wouldn't have told them either.

4. Rory and Amy work out their problems, well not really.  We finally discover the source of their problems.  After the heart-wrenching ending to adorable Pond Life, it was about time to figure out why they were fighting.  And I have one question, isn't River their child?  I realize that they didn't really get to raise her and all, but don't forget about River.  And if Rory wants kids and Amy can't have any, there is a reasonable explanation to this all.  They could always adopt.

5. Jenna-Louise Coleman, the new companion to the Doctor, shows up out of no where.  An unexpected plot twist already in the first episode of the season.  I am going to like her.  She has attitude which companions could use a lot more of (sure, Rose had attitude, but in that annoying way).  Oswin is made of awesome.  She comes on the show making souffles, terrible ones, but still that's pretty awesome.  For the rest of the episode, the Doctor kept asking about the milk for her souffles, part of me knew that there was a catch and secretly, I think the Doctor wanted to try to eat some.  Oswin seems like the best match for the Doctor and I can't wait to see her in more episodes.  And, yes, I will definitely remember her.
Any thoughts on the latest Doctor Who episode?

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  1. Oh dear I cant write a relevant comment, I've never seen a single episode of Dr. Who

  2. I can't wait to find out the new plot twists!!!!

  3. I love Doctor Who so far...I'm still on David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. Also saw you dropped Supernatural in me some Winchesters :P