Movie Monday: Thoughts on Jace

Monday, August 13, 2012

When people were gushing over this Edward character, I was hooked on Jace.  In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Jace is this bad boy character with a very sexy edge.  He’s a freaking Shadowhunter, killing demons and playing with his Stele.  That’s pretty hot, especially because he is described as looking like this golden angel.  When in the middle of City of Bones, I just wish Jace would choose me over Clary, right?
When I heard they were making a movie two years ago, I was ecstatic.  A lot of casting news has been thrown around the blogosphere, which makes me even more excited.  I’ve been looking at all the choices, seeing what movies they played in, making a point on each one.  So far everyone, except one, looks like they should.  The cast appears phenomenal and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in the movie.  The only problem: JACE!
Jamie Campbell Bower is going to be playing Jace.  I’ve known this fact for at least a year now and tried to write a post like this when the news was just released, but my work was deleted and so I just gave up.  It’s time to write it again.  This time I am going to try to be as nice as I can with my disappointment. 

Jamie Campbell Bower is adorable, but NOT Jace material.  Bower has a skinny, lanky figure.  I’ve seen enough of him in the TV series on Starz, Camelot, to say that he is not very buff and looks kind of awkward.  He was a genius pick for King Arthur, because everyone called Arthur out on being just a young man, who does not look like king material.  Bower has the sort of appearance that makes people believe he can’t do it: the Kind Arthur look.  I know I don’t believe he can pull Jace Wayland off.  Bower is very cute with his mousy face and stringy hair.  He is sort of golden, but could never pull off being an angel like Clare described Jace to be.  And as much as I have seen Bower in fight scenes, I don’t know how he will look with Shadowhunter gear on, fighting away demons. 

Maybe the director will want him to gain some more muscle.  Maybe they’ll shampoo and conditioner his hair.  Maybe they’ll give him awesome fighting clothes.  Maybe, after changing Lily Collins’ hair color to red, his mousy face and cuteness factor will fit right in.  Maybe, but who knows if they will even make those changes with Jamie Campbell Bower.  Where he stands now: he is not my Jace, nor will he ever be if he doesn’t do something.

I know I will probably eat my words when the movie releases in 2013, but until then, what do you feel about the cast of City of Bones?  Do you think Jamie Campbell Bower can pull Jace off?

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  1. I feel the same way! Frankly, I think he looks too girly to play Jace. Plus I don't think he's even the tiniest bit attractive. Alex Pettyfer was how I always pictured Jace in my head!

  2. I also fell for Jace in City of Bones, and I totally agree that Jamie Campbell Bower will not be able to pull off Jace, at least not the way I think of him when I read the book :( Still cant wait for the movie to be out, but I hope Jace ends up better then I expect!


  3. I've only seen him in Sweeny Todd so I'll be interested to see how he pulls this off. I just know they will be milking his "roles" in Harry Potter and Twilight.

    Like you I imagine they will style his hair and he will have to buff up.

  4. I have to say that I love the character, I love Jace. And I'm looking forward to the movie, because for what I've read, the cast and crew is wonderful. About Jamie, I've seen Camelot and Sweeney Todd I think he's a good actor that needs a something different to develop his career. For example, in Anonymous, he played an arrogant handsome young poet, it's not Jace, but has some little similarities. So I don't doubt that he can portray the self-confidence, mistery and arrogance that Jace owns. Phisically I' sorry but I've always find him atractive with his golden looks and the vulnerability that somehow revolves around Jace too. He actually sort of have this bad-boy-Idon't-really-care-what-you-think Jace pulls off.
    I just hope that he does Jace justice, and that the film to be so great that producers decide to adapt the whole series!
    I like you blog BTW. Thanks!

  5. Okay, so I realize that I'm a little late to be jumping on the Jamie hatin' bandwagon now, because I just BARELY read ALL of the books last week. Yeah, I basically locked myself into my apartment and read through the series in 5 straight days. Luckily, I knew they were doing a movie and looked at the cast before I got too into the series. When I first saw the casting for Jace, I was appalled. I could only think of the creepy Caius kid from Twilight...but then, I started looking into his interviews. Jamie certainly acts like Jace. He's very witty and snarky. From what I've seen from the set photos, he's gained some muscle, and looks pretty decent for the role.

    I read the rest of the series with him in mind as Jace, and still fell in love with the character. I have a feeling that most people will be, as you said it, "eating their words" as soon as the film comes out. Remember how mad everyone was about Robert Pattinson cast as Edward? Everyone said he wasn't gorgeous enough. Well, I got over that one pretty dang fast. I have a feeling the same will go for Jamie. Also Robert Sheehan. I think he'll quickly become everyone's favorite BFF. I'm hopeful for this movie and excited for the cast. It looks like it will be fantastic!