Cover Discovered: Too Close

Friday, June 22, 2012

Book covers are amazing, some make you laugh, some make you cry, and some are just down-right gorgeous! Cover Discovered is a series of blog posts I do here at The Bucket List, where I bring you the latest book covers that were revealed not too long ago. Mind you, these covers may not be the final cover that will go on the final product, but book covers are always pretty to look at.  Today, instead of looking at just books that haven't come out yet, I wanted to show you a theme I noticed (a cover theme that may or may not break the book sales).  

There is a bunch of themes going on in today's YA covers, but one that has been bothering me has been faces that are too close to the camera.  The cover may still be pretty but I just want to tell the model to, please, stop trying to eat the camera.  Please, back up.  You are way too close and in my space.  See what I mean:

What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: April 30, 2012
Pages: 326
Buy It: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Getting drunk homecoming night your senior year is never a good idea, but Jake Hayes never expected it all to end with a car crash and a t-post embedded in his throat. 
His biggest regret about it all? What he never said to Samantha Shay. He's been in love with her for years and never had the guts to tell her. Now it's too late. Because after that night, Jake will never be able to talk again.
When Jake returns to his small island home, population 5,000, he'll have to learn how to deal with being mute. He also finds that his family isn't limited to his six brothers and sisters, that sometimes an entire island is watching out for you. And when he gets the chance to spend more time with Samantha, she'll help him learn that not being able to talk isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Maybe, if she'll let him, Jake will finally tell her what he didn't say before, even if he can't actually say it.-- Goodreads
Ah, their noses are just so big!  This was the cover that started this themed post.  I mean, are they a little too close to the camera.  It is so intense that I don't want to look at it too long.  However, this book sounds fantastic; that I will be definitely diving in soon.  The book has gotten such great reviews that I wouldn't want to miss something like it but the cover just hurts.  I feel like I bumped into two people kissing, no wait, that's the next cover.

Not that Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Publication Date: September 1, 2010
Pages: 322
Buy It: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Natalie Sterling wants to be in control. She wants her friends to be loyal. She wants her classmates to elect her student council president. She wants to find the right guy, not the usual jerk her school has to offer. She wants a good reputation, because she believes that will lead to good things.
But life is messy, and it's very hard to be in control of it. Not when there are freshman girls running around in a pack, trying to get senior guys to sleep with them. Not when your friends have secrets they're no longer comfortable sharing. Not when the boy you once dismissed ends up being the boy you want to sleep with yourself - but only in secret, with nobody ever finding out.
Slut or saint? Winner or loser? Natalie is getting tired of these forced choices - and is now going to find a way to live life in the sometimes messy, sometimes wonderful in-between.-- Goodreads
It is no secret that people judge books by covers, but what do you feel when you look at this cover.  I feel like I just walked into a room and had to immediately step back out because some couple was kissing in a private moment of passion.  It's cute but not something that I would read in public.  I don't know why but if you haven't read this one, don't let the cover stop you from getting too close.  You can read my review HERE.

There are a bunch of covers that models have gotten too close to.  If you find any yourself, I would love for you to mention them in the comments.  Do you think these covers are something that you should stay clear of or just get as close as those models to?

Do you think book covers shape the way a book sells?  Would you buy these books are just rent them and do the covers have anything to do with your decision to do so?

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  1. LOL great post!! I actually love the cover of What I Didn't Say - and the book was fantastic too! :) Definitely read it very very soon. But yeah, I agree heartily about the second cover...what the heck is going on there?

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  2. Hehe ! Cute post
    Although it does't bother me as much! I like the cover of What I didn't say .... the way they are looking at each other looks like they share a secret.

    Not that kind of Girl however has a weirdness. Not form the girl, but the boy looks kind weird and comes form a weird angle just to be photographed right..

    "10 things we did" looks very similar although they have their eyes open.. I always mix those two books up!