Top 10 Favorite Vampire Diaries Episodes

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I don’t know if you know this about me but I am a HUGE Vampire Dairies fan.  Even before I was a blogger, I was reading The Vampire Dairies series more than I can count on my two hands.  I discovered the books via my local library.  I would drink books up like water, one right after another.  My librarian requested the series without my knowledge and when they came in with these old-fashioned covers, I couldn’t read them right away; the covers bothered me, they were just so old and being such a picky 13 year old, I couldn’t help but put them off.  When I went to Borders (*sniffle*) a few weeks before the books at the library were due, I saw the same series of books but with a revamped cover and got them and devoured them immediately.  L.J. Smith easily became (and still is) one of my favorite authors.  Approximately 4 years ago, I discovered that they were making a TV show about the book series.  Fan-girling commenced.

After watching the finale to Season 3 of Vampire Dairies, a few weeks ago, my friend and I got into a heated debate about what would happen in Season 4.  That got us discussing the book series, which she hasn’t read yet.  I told her about L.J. Smith’s discontinuation with the series that you can find about HERE.  This still devastates me because I love L.J. Smith’s work and I would love to know where she would have taken the series. 

 Well, to get you all in The Vampire Diaries mood, I made up two lists of my top favorites about VD.  After these two lists, L.J. Smith will be coming over to The Bucket List to share a guest post about the series.  So spread the word about this and stay tuned for that awesome guest post!

1. 1x2: The Night of the Comet
Stefan and Elena are still in the baby steps of their relationship.  Vickie is in the hospital.  Matt is starting to wonder about Stefan.  My favorite part: I get to hilariously tease the lighting on my TV for not getting the emotion on their faces, when Elena and Stefan share their first kiss.
2. 1x7: Haunted
The Halloween episode.  I’m sure any VD fan can remember this episode where Damon saves Elena, in her too-short nurse outfit, from staying to watch what Damon does to dispose Vickie’s body. 

3. 1x8: 162 Candles
We get to meet Lexi!  Lexi may be one of my favorite characters on the show.  She has such an attitude and I love it.  Most awkward and unforgettable of this episode: Lexi answers the door to Stefan’s house in a towel when Elena is on the other side, looking for Stefan. 

4. 1x21: Isobel
Isobel may have been one of my least favorite characters.  She thinks that the world revolves around her, ugh.  She wants Alaric to play messenger for her.  In this episode, you get a taste for how far Isobel will go to get what she wants.

5. 2x7: Masquerade
I love dances, especially when you have a bunch of people dancing in masks.  Awesome!  Katherine shows up to ruin the party and starts killing everyone.  If I remember correctly, this is also the episode where Katherine’s witch friend, Lucy, binds Katherine and Elena together.  When Damon and Stefan start beating up on Katherine, they are also doing it to Elena.  Everyone’s reaction is very priceless, watch for Damon’s face.

6. 2x12: The Descent
We discover that Damon has feelings.  Rose is not my favorite, but I love how she is also the same actress who played Bella in Supernatural.  Rose got bit by a werewolf and Damon leaves Elena there to help her rest.  Damon didn’t seem too concerned when he found out that Rose was having hallucinations and trying to attack Elena.  Damon surprises us all with his amazing power of giving Rose dreams to die in. 
7. 2x22: As I Lay Dying
This time, Damon is dying from a werewolf bite.  Elena tries to be there for him the best she can be.  Stefan, once again, shows loyalty to his brother by giving up himself to save Damon.  Probably all for Elena.

8. 3x11: Our Town
Caroline gets to celebrate her birthday in a cemetery.  However, my favorite part was the significance when Stefan decided to take Elena on a small road trip across the bridge that her parents died on.  Not cool.  I kept wondering if she was going to jump out of the car, like she did with Damon in Nightfall.  It was also one of the components that made me switch to Team Damon (I’m Team Stefan with the book series though). 

9. 3x15: All My Children
Damon is sleeping with Rebekah (probably in a sore attempt to make Elena jealous).  She is hurt about Damon and upset for saying those words in the last episode that she didn’t mean.  I loved this episode because this is where Hester’s spell comes to life.  She is able to bind the lives of all her children.  It is remarkable how it will all soon be over.

10. 3x22: The Departed
It is no surprise that this one is on my list.  Why?  Elena finally makes her choice of who she wants, between the two guys she has been juggling since season 1.  Not only does she make her choice, but the audience has to wonder if it’s the wrong one with how she phrases certain things and the circumstances of how she met each one first.  Then she dies (which is a HUGE spoiler if you haven’t read the books)!  All I could think was that we finally got a taste of the novels that we all fell in love with!

What are some of your favorite episodes of Vampire Dairies?

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