Fallen Book Discussion (Week 8)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey, people from Earth and other people who are not from here, for the next 3 weeks we will be giving you the awesomeness that is Fallen by Lauren Kate.  Be sure to show up, because we are giving away some great stuff, check it out HERE.  Just a BIG side note, I am changing the structure of these posts from here on out.  Due to life happening: finals week is next week and everyone is going to be going back to their own houses, therefore I am switching up things a bit.  I hope you don't mind.  I will still be asking two questions, but for each chapter now.  Be sure to follow the discussion and don’t be scared to join in on our discussion/ questions.  Those who entered the contest will receive extra entries for answering a question.  Every week on Tuesday, we will discuss two chapters of the book, and ask you two questions for each chapter about what we have all read.  Look for our answers in the comments as well.  If you missed a post and want to check out the schedule, go HERE.  Come and join us in our quest of discussing FALLEN.

Chapter 14: Idle Hands  

Luce needs some time alone to think about the boys she is juggling.  She goes swimming but is interrupted by Penn who has found something interesting on Daniel's family line.  They go back to researching, but are not given enough time to find much about Daniel's ancestors.  Cam shows up and lays his flirting techniques all over her and if that didn't work, he kisses her.  Luce must have really liked it because it got a huge reaction out of Daniel who flipped out.  Cam and Daniel start fighting.  Mr. Cole breaks it up.  Cam has left Luce a note about meeting him after class.  It's all very confusing.

Think about it:
Why does Miss Sophia help Penn and Luce about the Grigori line?
Will Luce meet Cam after class tomorrow?  Would you meet him after class, if you were Luce?

Chapter 15: The Lions' Den 

So, yes, she does intend to meet Cam and to break it off with him.  Cam has a sneaky way of getting what he wants and when he hires a driver to get her off school grounds, Luce goes willingly.  Cam's ideal date is to take his girl to a bar, that seems creepy than most.  Of course, Cam can't stay out of trouble for long.  He starts fighting a  man in the bar, but Cam has crazy strength and freaks Luce out so much that she leaves.  She leaves and goes straight into Daniel's arms.  Daniel drives her somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  He goes from yelling at her to telling her how great Luce is.  I may have a headache.  Daniel, make up your mind!  Then, whoa!  They kissed since the first time since the prologue!  And Daniel was surprised that she was still alive when they broke apart.  Oh, yes, Daniel, you have some explaining to do.

Think about it:
What is your ideal date with Cam or Daniel?
What is Daniel waiting for after Luce and him kiss? 

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  1. I almost think at this point I may prefer Cam. Daniel's still part a-hole at this particular spot. As for D & L's kiss, I think he's waiting for her to spontaneously combust if my memory serves me correctly.

  2. Oh forgot the top questions. Doesn't she help them to discover his family is defended from angels? I'm not sure I remember exactly. They also discover how old Daniel may be.

    I bet Luce doesn't meet Cam after class because her heart belongs to Daniel. If it were me, I wouldn't miss out.