Fallen Dream Cast (Arriane)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Since the Fallen Book Discussion has taken over The Bucket List until I survive finals in May, every Monday (instead of the normal: Movie Monday), I will be giving you a taste of what our (Jackie, Emma, and I) dream cast would look like if they were to make a movie.  For those of you who may not know, Fallen by Lauren Kate has actually been optioned for film.  You can check out more about that HERE.  If there are any updates from now and until the discussion ends (or even after that) I will definitely let you know about any awesome news about the movie.

Each Monday, will be a new character that we will be casting.  Today, we are casting our own Arriane.  I would love to hear who you would like to play the role.  To see who we are casting next week, check out the schedule HERE.  Also I am giving away some awesome signed Fallen books and other goodies HERE.  Casting Arriane:

Gina's Pick: Arielle Kebbel
I see Arriane as Arielle Kebbel, who is fantastic.  She is the questionable friend that no one can ever tell what side she is on.  I mean, Arriane hangs out with Roland but befriends Luce, on the spot.  It reminded me a lot of Kebbel's character in Vampire Diaries.  She plays Stefan's friend, but also torturer.  The relationship is odd and she pulls it off.  I can definitely see Kebbel playing Arriane.
Jackie's Pick: Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies, who can be seen on Victorious, seems to fit Arraine just right.  On her television show, she plays Jane, a very morbid, sarcastic, but fun-loving girl.  Elizabeth does a great job of displaying these emotions, and I think she would do Arraine justice by playing her in the Fallen movie series.  She also has the physical figure I imagine for Arraine, making her all the more fitting!  Go Elizabeth!!!!!
Jackie's Honorable Mention: Helga Pataki

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