Fallen Book Discussion (Week 3)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey, people from Earth and other people who are not from here, for the next 9 weeks we will be giving you the awesomeness that is Fallen by Lauren Kate.  Be sure to show up, because we are giving away some great stuff, check it out HERE.  Just a side note, I will be asking two questions after each discussion post.  Be sure to follow the discussion and don’t be scared to join in on our discussion/ questions.  Those who entered the contest will receive extra entries for answering a question.  Every week on Tuesday, we will discuss two chapters of the book, tell you about the plot, and other random bits of spicy goodness that you should definitely know about (all relating to Fallen).  Just for your curiosity: helping me out with this discussion are two of my best friends, Jackie/ the Doctor (who is in blue typeface) and Emma/ Mirror Girl (who is in green typeface).  I, Gina/ Bookish Blonde, am in the black typeface and quotes from the book, Fallen by Lauren Kate, are in red typeface.  If you missed a post and want to check out the schedule, go HERE.  Come and join us in our quest of discussing FALLEN.


L’eggo my eggo!  Okay, what up with Luce and her “Waffle Day?”  I get that waffles taste good and stuff, but really, going off about how she looked forward to them?  Maybe her life was a little…dull at home. 
“She could roll over in bed on a Tuesday morning, and before she was aware of anything else, she knew instinctively what day it was.” –p. 81
I want a waffle day!  My mom never makes me breakfast and even though I really don’t eat waffles, I still want a day where my mom will make me them for breakfast.  Tuesday, it is… Hey, Jackie today is Tuesday!  Did you have your waffles today?  Why no Gina!  I didn’t have my waffles today, so I guess I will lay in a ditch and die like Luce seems to want to without her waffles.  Stupid waffles.  Wow, you don’t have to seem so morbid.  She is just a teen full of angst, geez.  After mourning over the loss of losing her waffle day, she realizes something really important.  Yea, as if today could get any worse, Luce realizes she is late for…..DETENTION, WHERE ALL DREAMS DIE.  And lucky for Luce, she gets to spend it in a cemetery!  That’s exactly where I would want to be!  Not to mention that Luce notices that the mausoleums in the middle seem to make the cemetery suck down, which is just like the school sucking out your very soul!  At sunrise, no less.  That is some torture.  Not to mention that when she gets there, no one is in sight.  Penn shows up and tells her that she is actually supposed to set foot in the cemetery to meet the group.  But how would Luce even know that to begin with?  It was like they were setting her up for failure.  I know!  And she never did get those wonderful waffles…I would be upset too (not about the waffles though).  Luce finds her way down to learn that she has been holding everyone up and that they have to pair up with someone else.  Luce has the lovely discomfort and humiliation of no one wanting to be her partner until Cam comes forward and definitely wants to be her partner (and not just a cemetery partner either). 
‘“I’ll catch up with you after, okay?” he said to her, like it was a promise she’d asked him to keep.” –p. 88
Oh yes, Cam strutting towards her, at a very quick pace, none of my partners in school ever came at me that quickly, geez!   But Arriane steps in to claim Luce as her partner, poor, poor, desperate Cam.  But Arriane doesn’t just claim her as a partner, but it sounds more like that Arriane thinks of her as the last slice of pie at dinner.  Luce is just someone who may be useful to Arriane in the long run so Arriane is taking advantage of her, or it seems that way.  Well, that or Luce being her slave, as Arriane has called Luce in the past.  Cam graciously lets Arriane be Luce’s partner, but says he will see her later. At least, she gives her a choice on what statue to work on.   
“’So.  Do you want the avenging angel, or the fleshy embracing lovers?”’ –p. 89
I definitely take the angel too.  Not only is that foreshadowing, at its best (thank you, Lauren Kate! Literary elements at work!), but I think the lovers would be embarrassing to handle.  Readers, this is what I call Gina’s English obsession moment, or English major guru moment, only she would add information about literary elements.  Yes, their punishment for detention is to clean the cemetery’s statues.  So, just take a moment to pause and think about who would show up in the cemetery….Daniel, of course!  Yeah, he was there.  I wonder what crime he got busted for, for landing him in detention.  And think about if he had been Luce’s partner (ignoring the fact that her seems to hate her guts for no apparent reason) and what statue they would have chosen, perhaps the lover’s statue, as Gina said, foreshadowing.  Actually, I’m not saying if that would be foreshadowing or not.  The lovers’ statue is a couple in a very intimate, NUDE embrace, that would imply: Maybe Daniel would want to help scrub that statue off…cough, cough. 
“’Scrub-a-dub-dub,” Arriane said, almost singing.  “I like to pretend I’m giving them a little bath.”’ –p. 89-90
*shaking head* This is really bad.  Who could have thought that being in detention could have been so dirty, since ya know, the statues are filthy? :D  Anyways, Roland and Chester the Molester (aka Arriane’s nickname for Cam) get to work on the lovers’ statue…okay is it me or would you not want to work with a guy who has a nickname with Molester in it and working on a lover statue?  How do you think he got the name, Chester the Molester?  The name sort of sounds like something I would name my cat; I don’t know why but I would.  Kinda weird if you ask me.  Poor Roland.  I wonder what kind of relationship Cam and Roland have to be on such good terms to be scrubbing a naked statue together?  Ohhhh la la! I guess someone named Chester the Molester has to have an intriguing relationship with someone who is helping him clean a lovers’ statue…I wonder if they grow more compassionate towards each other after this?  Okay, then.  After our extremely long intermission of nonsense, Luce and Arriane are scrubbing the angel statue, with (I’m sure) with less fun Cam and Roland are having, when Arriane asks what Luce had done to get landed in Sword & Cross.  Luce outs herself, only to have Arriane too happy to have her in her group of friends.
“’You know, Roland and I were just talking about how we don’t have any pyro-maniac friends.  And everyone knows you need a good pyro to pull off any reform school prank worth the effort.”’ –p. 93
Then Arriane walks away to go tell Roland about Luce.  Caught in the middle of staring at Daniel, Luce is surprised when Molly walks up to her and tells her to stay away from him.  Daniel seems to have sensed that his name was mentioned and goes up to Luce to ask what Molly had said.  How did he freaking hear his name from all the way over there?  It’s his super-hearing powers!  So he comes over and Luce thinks he is flirting with her.  FLIRTING!  I have never seen flirting like this.  Yea, especially the kind that when she cracks her knuckles.
“Daniel cupped his hand over hers.  “I hate it when you do that.”’ –p. 96
Alrighty, so why does he say that?  It seems like he has seen her do it before…but he seems to hate her guts…can this guy choose a side already?  It seems creepy, I suppose.  But now after reading the whole entire series, it seems like Daniel is messing up… BIG TIME!  I’m keeping my eye on you, Danny-boy.  The boy directly wants to know what this girl says.  He sounds distinctly uninterested.  But, shadows start to move around Luce.  She is having a hard time concentrating on Daniel because of the shadows.  She keeps looking at the sky and he keeps wondering what she is looking at.  I don’t know…I think he might be able to kind of see what she is looking at, I mean he is a different guy and seems to be looking right where Luce is.  All of the sudden, the angel statue starts to collapse, but Daniel wraps his arm around Luce and protects her from the statue that would have probably killed her.  Okay, bonus points for saving Luce’s life Daniel, I can appreciate that.  1 point for Daniel. 0 points for Cam.  Oh, but wait, Daniel practically just dumps her on the ground and Cam checks to see if she is okay.  Now they are even. 1 for Danny | 1 for Cammy.  But, of course, Molly the Monster has to have the last word. 
“It was Molly, just inches behind her shoulder, who whispered, “Looks like someone should start listening when I give advice.”’ –p. 99
Still no waffles for Luce.  Without waffles, her day will only get worse from here.


I <3 Best Friends!!  You can call your best friend “mom” when she nags you.  I am sure everyone likes friends.  Luce calls Callie, her best friend from Dover, instead of calling her parents.  I think she has a little trouble with priorities.  Yup, Emma it is nice having friends, especially having me as one of them!!! You guys are so lucky! ;)  If I were Luce, I wouldn’t want to call my mom who abandoned me at this crazy school either, Callie is a good choice.  Even though she, of course, asks Luce about how things are going and about the guys there.  All Luce can manage is a quote from Roman Holiday, a favorite movie of theirs:
“’There was a man, he was so mean to me.  It was wonderful.’” –p. 102
Luce (being a typical girl) doesn’t want to mention the mysterious, brooding stranger whom she seems to like…a lot.  So they talk about Chester the – I mean, Cam.  Well, it was either Daniel, who basically all she has to say about him is that he is incredibly hot and gave her the finger the other day, or she could talk about Cam, who may be just as gorgeous and gave her his “business card.”  So Cam it was. 
“Speak of the devil.” –p. 103
and he shall appear!! Oh, by the way, *glares at meanie head friends* I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, Gina, and get it right, Jackie, YOU are lucky to have ME!! Yes, Emma I should praise the ground you walk on and kiss your feet whenever you walk into a room…*rolls eyes and giggles* *glares and then laughs and hugs Jackie* I knew you’d see it my way.  Anyway, Cam does show up, since it is almost the time he signed up for the phone, but he was going to let Luce stay on the phone and take his time.  I don’t think it was his time at all.  I think that he just wanted an excuse to talk to Luce.  Even if he did have three younger sisters, I still don’t think he would be the type to call any of them.  Nope, I think he was just checking up on Luce.  Luce feels badly though because Cam has been nothing but nice to her and doesn’t want to take advantage of him, so even though Callie is yelling at her to not hang up, Luce decides to let Cam have his time.  With her. 
“’Don’t you dare hang up on me,” Callie protested.  “You’ve told me nothing.  Nothing!”’ –p. 104-105
Except when she was about to say her goodbyes, the phone hung up on her, stupid timers! It’s all better when flirting ensues, until the creepy crawly shadows appear, scaring the bejeazus out of Luce.  Just when I thought she was going to have a heart attack, *hums the superhero theme* DANIEL TO THE RESCUE!!  Well, sorta, the shadows disappear when he enters the room with the phones.  Daniel must have these awesome powers to make those shadows leave.  How does he do that?  Daniel comes in on the weirdest time though because it was flirting time.  Cam invites her to his party.  And she has to look at Daniel for permission!  Okay, so I was thinking that Cam shows up, shadows show up.  Daniel shows up, they magically go poof!  And vanish.  Every time.  Coincidence? I think not!  Yea, she looks at Daniel as if she needs his approval, what ever happened to using your own mind, not looking at a guy to decide if you were going to party or not.  But, luckily, Daniel nods his head, giving her *permission* to go to the party.  Wow, way to think for yourself Luce.  You’re not letting men dominate your life, no not at all! Yea, she’s a real modern woman.  Next thing you know, Penn is dragging Luce to the social, a reform school version of movie night.  On the way to the auditorium they run into Arriane, and then they all run to the social together in record time to avoid the chair next to the Mr. Cole presiding over the social.  Unfortunately for Sir Fidgets, Arriane waves him over, and offers him the evil chair.  The evil chair is the seat next to Mr. Cole, a soul sucker of the academy.  I wouldn’t want that seat at all.  Daniel and Roland show up late and get to sit on the floor, anything to avoid that seat next to that teacher. 
“As the three girls step through the metal detector at the door, Penn said, “Whoever sits there has to help pass out his weekly ‘mental health’ surveys.”

“Which wouldn’t be so bad—” Arriane chimed in.
“—if you didn’t have to stay late to analyze the findings,” Penn finished.” –p. 110
The movie was Starman, something I have never seen, but I’m sure that one of the ancient teachers picked it.  The movie seems boring, judging by the trailer.  
I wouldn’t be able to sit through it.  Especially with the shadows crawling over me like Luce has.  Yea, shadows+ boring movie= overwhelming desperation to get out of there.  After this irritating experience finally ends, they all head over to Cam’s room for the after party.  Before heading into the room though, Arriane uses her boa to cover up the reds so she can turn it off, so no camera people can see the party going on.  But Penn is a little nervous about doing this because it isn’t her thing.  But, Arriane knocks before Penn can talk herself out of it, and Cam answers and starts to hug Luce…only Luce J Aww! How cute! ….I guess this is good news for Luce though, since she seems to like Cam and all…  But does she really?  I don’t think she knows who she likes.  She may be attracted to Daniel, who has been nothing but mean to her.  Cam is a total stranger to her, except exchanging a few friendly, very friendly, and forward passes at her.  Cam is the king of flirting!!!  He keeps buttering her up, telling her all the things guys are supposed to tell you when they like you.  It is as cheesy as Velveeta.  Daniel keeps staring (HOT!) and Arriane toasts Luce something really heartfelt.  Too bad that Luce missed it all while she was staring at Daniel.  Too busy to listen to anything else, it seems like Daniel and Luce are the only ones in the room.  But it is really sad when their moment ends.  Molly is being all snotty and cryptic.  I’m not even sure what she means by her toast except that she is being mean about it. 
“At her side, Molly slithered up and whispered a shorter version in her ear: “To Luce, who will never know.” –p. 118
Yea, I think Molly and some other people (Daniel) know something Luce doesn’t.  It seems that they don’t want Luce to find out whatever it is that is going on either.  I have decided.  I hate Monster Molly J  Penn comes up to Luce and seems to be having a good time.  Then Roland grabs the microphone and starts the entertainment part of the night!  So yea, Roland being the lovely friend he is, volunteers Danny boy to sing in front of everyone, which Daniel doesn’t like too much, so he declines Roland’s generous proposal.  So Roland graces everybody with his vocal talents as Dan gets up and starts to leave.  Perfect timing! Luce can finally catch up with Danny boy and talk to him…alone.  But, as she gets up to try and depart, Arriane shouts out that Luce is volunteering to sing, which Luce is shocked by and then says no. 
“’Oh, snap, is that my girl stepping up to sing?’” –p. 120
Luce runs out claiming she is saving Sir Fidgets from paperwork duty.  Aww, what a sweet lie!! Cam, continuing his reign as king of flirting, tries to join her.  But as we know, that would ruin everything!!  Luce runs out of there and overhears Danny boy and Gabbe talking in secret.  Do we even know Gabbe enough?  What has she done that makes Daniel so upset that they are fighting over it?  And Daniel seems a bit frustrated by whatever is going on.  Gabbe doesn’t mind and switches to her normal, positive (and possibly, fake) self.
“…she heard Gabbe say, in a saccharine voice that made Luce decide once and for all that she hated her.  “I’m the only one you’ve got.’” –p. 122

Think about it:

Why do you think Molly would be giving Luce advice about Daniel?
What is Daniel and Gabbe fighting over that has Daniel all upset?

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  1. And I quote: "'Cause Molly's a real jerk"
    "They're in luuuuuuuv"

  2. I feel like I probably should read the book before I read your discussions! lol so many spoilers (at least in my mind!)

  3. Molly is just that type of girl, she needs to be up in everybody's business. She seems to be in the know about everything.

    Daniel and Gabbe are fighting over telling Luce the truth about everything. Its better if she knows, Daniel disagrees.