Update: Hunger Games Movie

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wow, I think this movie may be the best of the year. It looks fantastic and I cannot wait to see it in theaters.  After the whole trailer being revealed; one of the best trailers that I have ever seen that tells me everything but nothing at the same time.  I cannot wait for this movie.  However, I am still a bit unsure about the cast.  But I still took a look at these pretty posters that were revealed last week.

Okay, so here you have the beautiful mockingjay broach.  This was the one thing that I first saw about this movie and knew right away that it was about to be the best movie ever.  And we get a glimpse at what I can only guess will be the exterior of the Capitol or the Arena.  It will be fascinating to see this all come to life.  On one side, you have Katniss and on the other Peeta, which definitely shows how they are rivals in the games.  The poster does this awesome trick where it has the posters of the two main characters but does not actually show the characters’ faces other than the posters, I mean.  Katniss’ back is toward us, which is a very different pose than most movie posters and gives the audience wanting more.  Very interesting technique and I look forward to other posters as I eagerly await the release of the movie.

Here are some of the character posters.  I am still a bit spectacle about some of the cast.  The one I am most certain is perfect is Woody Harrelson as Haymitch; the other actors, not so much.  However every time I watch the trailer, which you can watch multiple times HERE, my heart beats faster when Katniss screams, “I volunteer.”  And I definitely get chills when Gale tells Katniss how, “They just want a good show.  That’s all they want.” And that is definitely what I want, only I think it will be much better than any book-turned-movie I have ever seen before. 

That is very high expectations but if you haven’t been keeping tabs on this movie, you need to start with the trailer.    

Now the Capitol will not require you to tune in on March 23 to see this in theaters, but you will be missing out if you do not go see the movie that will most likely top charts next to the Twilight and Harry Potter movies. 

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  1. I agree it will top the charts, but how good will it be is the question. The flimed it in a very short amount of time... oh waiting is awful! I hope it is awesome sauce.

    Beth ^_^

  2. I absolutely can't wait. Those posters look amazing too!