The Next Shakespeare by Wanda Ernstberger

Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Next Shakespeare by Wanda Ernstberger

Publisher: Etopia Press
Publication Date: June 17, 2011
Pages: 20
Source: by the author in exchange for an honest review
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Who thought a poem would trigger World War Three?

Tristan Gunner—skateboard fanatic, junk food junkie, award-winning poet. But you’d think he just got detention instead of the school’s grand prize for poetry. And even though Chris won five Math and Science awards, the next Einstein is crying because he’s not the next Shakespeare. Astra wants them both to cut the drama, and caught between a mortified winner and a crybaby loser, she hopes Chris can get over his attitude before World War Three erupts in her kitchen. --Goodreads
Chris had won a few academic awards, deeming himself the next Einstein. However, he still seemed upset because he had felt he had deserved to be the next Shakespeare. Astra is used to his whining about grades, though when he complains about not getting the Shakespeare award, he has gone a bit too far. The next Shakespeare went to Tristan, one of Astra’s friends, a boy who doesn’t have a lot. Chris needs to learn a valuable lesson of life if he expects Astra to talk to him again.

This is a very short book. I read it all in one setting and loved every minute of it. Ernstberger created a tale that told a moral. Her style was unique, but wonderfully put-together. The novel was a bit to the point, which had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages: There weren’t many side-stories to get in the way. You didn’t have to worry about forgetting the main plot. The disadvantages: There weren’t really any disadvantage except that it was dangerously short; I was hoping for a bit more backstory and what the friends are doing now after resolving their problems. No matter what, it was fantastic in its delivery but wished there was more to the story.

I hated Chris. As soon as he was introduced, I wanted to throw something at this character. He would brag about grades or be disappointed if he didn’t get that perfect 100. I realized that there was more to it, that his parents brought a great deal of his attitude into play. Still, Chris was not my favorite of characters. Tristan and Astra were okay, but I didn’t really get to know them in the amount of time I read about them. I did like Astra’s voice and attitude, but wished I knew more about her backstory.

Overall, this book was great! It was a fast-read and taught a wonderful lesson that will stay with you forever. If you haven’t read this novel yet, you must check it out.

First Sentence: 
"Students crowded the halls like cholesterol."
The Next Shakespeare by Wanda Ernstberger 

Cover: 5
Characters: 3
Writing Style: 4
Ending: 5
Plot: 3
Overall: 4

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