Top 5 Fictional Proms I Wish I Had Attended

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here at The Bucket List, I have decided to live up to the namesake. Today I will be discussing prom. Prom is a right of passage for every student in high school. It’s a memorable occasion, where some might say it is the “night of their dreams.” It’s a magical experience even though things may not go as planned; I’m sure the prom will still be as unforgettable as the prom I went to last year. It’s only called magical because that’s what fiction has titled it. Fictional proms are the proms to be at, whether they’re magical or unforgettable or both. Here I’ve listed my top 5 fictional proms that I wish I had attended. Check them out:

1. Glee’s prom: If you all watched this week’s episode of Glee, then you’ll know they all went to prom. Besides the awesome dresses (Kurt’s suit being the most cutest), the prom was exceptionally memorable. It’s hard to tell without spoilers so I’m just saying that the whole Glee prom experience was unforgettable: the band singing break-up songs, a fight breaking out, and a secret ballot for prom queen.

2. Carrie’s prom: You know this one is a classic. Would I want to be there when Carrie goes psycho, not really. But I’d love to see this prom turn from the night of their dreams to the night of their nightmares. This prom is definitely not a magical experience, but I bet Carrie started the trend of wearing the red and white color scheme to prom (just kidding). (Even some of the students here are planning a prank on the teachers, as I speak, that involves pig’s blood. I told them they were stupid and asked them the reasonable question: Where are you going to find a dead pig?)

3. Twilight’s prom: Just to see the Cullens at my prom would be a magical experience. The Cullens are just so beautiful that I’m sure having such celebrities at prom would make the whole experience unforgettable. Edward and Bella can go hang out and do what they want, while I dance with the gorgeous Cullens all night. Now that would be magical.

4. Prom and Prejudice’s Prom: Prom is a big deal at the academy. You will be a social outcast if you make any sort of mistake during the big night. I would love to go to this prom and watch all the rich kids interact with one and other- I bet one of them even brings a hand-held mirror to constantly look in it, checking for makeup smudges when they’re dancing (haha). Now that would be a funny prom.

5. The Lipstick Laws’s Prom: I’m really not sure if it was just a fancy dance or the actual prom- but who knew such a magical night (normal dances can also be magical, so this one counts too) could turn out so awful. Some bullies toy with the main character, leaving her with public humiliation. It’s terrible, but all is well after a coaxing out of a bathroom stall by a boy who likes to dress like a girl. Plus, who could ignore a prom that has Matt “Hottie-Body” Brentwood. That is sure to be a prom that no one is bound to forget.

I was sort of disappointed when I discovered that I had missed these fictional proms. Well, I’m not much of a singer- so I don’t think I would be welcome at Glee’s prom. I wasn’t born yet when Carrie went to her prom. I don’t live anywhere near Forks, Washington so Twilight’s prom is out.  I’m not rich enough to go to Prom and Prejudice’s prom and I have my own prom to go to be in attendance so I don’t need The Lipstick Laws’s prom. I’m sure this year’s prom will be magical and unforgettable (wish me luck: tonight's the prom!).

So what fictional prom would you want to be a part of? And would your prom experience be as magical and unforgettable as some of these mentioned above?

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