My Dream Library

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I was watching this movie the other day and thought how cool it would be to have my own personal library in my house.  Having a library would give me much more space, because currently all my books reside on the floor of my bedroom or my two crowded bookshelves.

My dream library, the library I would want when I get my own house, would be... well, like a dream.  It would be a secret room upstairs, the last door to a darkened hallway.  I would turn the knob and the door would creak, like in The Chronicles of Narnia.  Then I'd be a kid in a candy store, as soon as I saw the glow coming from the room.  The room itself would be painted green, or some kind of calming color.  The wall directly opposite the door would house two windows, both with small couches and maybe a chair or two.  Beside the chairs would be a small stand, where my Kindle would sit, for reading, or a highlighter, for noting, would go.  The windows would let so much light in that, during the day, there would be no need for any lights at all except that of the natural glow coming from the open windows. 

The two sides of the rooms would have waist-high bookshelves filled with books and odd knick-knacks.  An old-fashioned Grandfather Clock on the left wall, next to one of the shelves, ticking away the time spent in fictional worlds.  The right wall would have a poster or two, but nothing too fancy.  Maybe in the middle of the room, depending on how big the room is, I would have a small couch, staring at the windows.  Underneath the couch, a beautiful, fuzzy, circular rug.

Now I've saved my best vision for last.  I turn around, facing the door now, and there right in front of me is where the magic is.  Bookshelves, wall-length-high, staring right back at me, begging me to pick one up.  Even the door is hidden beneath a bookshelf, just like in the movie, Hamlet.  There is a book end in the shape of something (haven't decided yet) on the one shelf that hides the door knob.  I turn the knob and the door opens as quickly and fantastically creaking as it did when I entered. 

I am thrust back into the hallway, staring at the darkened hallway.  Now years from now, when I have my own living space, this library is going to be my room.  I'll tell you more about it then, I hope.  In the mean time, tell me about your library!  

Doesn't my dream library sound truly lovely?  I don't need any other room in the house if I could just have this one room the way I want it.  How do you want your dream library?  Or do you already have a dream library, tell me about it?

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  1. That sounds amazing! My dream library would definitely have: 1) a window seat, 2) some fantastically big, squishy couches and chairs, 3) ceiling high bookshelves (with a really cool rolling ladder), 4) some really fun shaped bookshelves as well (like those tree ones) 5) an endless supply of post-it note flags. I pretty much require a library and a movie viewing room in my dream house. Ohh my library would be green as well!