TGIF! Spring Break!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yeah, it's Friday!  Finally, I can't wait to sit back and relax, because this is the first official day of Spring Break, sort of (the first official hours).  So every Friday I post a Follow Friday from Parajunkee.  Today's question is:
Do you have anyone that you can discuss book with IRL?  Tell us about him/her.
Actually, I have a friend for every genre.  Does that sound awful?  I have friends who don't read, but most of them do.  I have a friend who lives in the city and she loves to read paranormal/ supernatural... anything like that.  My mom loves to read historical romance, but I'm not much into that.  I, usually, just try to make her read what I'm reading.  I have a friend who lives by me, she loves fantasy.  There's another friend who likes the classics (like Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice).  You get the picture.  So when I'm reading a certain genre, I usually try to discuss that book with that certain friend.  It's hard to keep what they like all straight sometimes.  Sometimes it's humorous.

Now, here for the hop from  Here's today's question:
Pick a character from the book you are currently reading or have just finished and tell us about him/her.

Currently, I'm trying to get through Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin.  I love this book so far!  I'm waiting for the movie to come out (releases May 6th).  Anyway, the main character's name is Rachel, who is a shy, business woman (in the upcoming movie she is played by Ginnifer Goodwin, pictured at right).  She works at a law firm, always seems to be working or worrying about something.  Rachel doesn't really date that much and if she does at all, her best friend, Darcy, is always the one who sets it up.  Rachel follows Darcy's every whim.  I can relate to Rachel a lot.  I love when I can relate to characters, because the book seems so much personal then.  

Have a great weekend, you guys!   

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  1. A friend for every genre sounds like an awesome idea! I have a humorous situation in my head tho where it's like you have three different boyfriends and none of them know about each other and you have to keep your stories straight aha. Happy friday =] There's a giveaway of born at midnight on my blog if you'd like to enter!

  2. Hello!

    I have a few people that I talk about books with in real life but only certain genres (I think it is great you have one for every genre) the blogging community is great because there is just so much variety, and plus I have found so many new books to read!

    I've been meaning to read something borrowed for a while now, I am glad you are enjoying it.

    I’m a new follower!

    Happy reading
    Jules x

  3. I'm akin to a hobbit and rarely venture out of my little warren in the ground. As such I don't chat with anyone about books IRL but that's the reason I blog and follow others.
    Aren't you too young for a bucket list?

  4. Hopping through. I've always heard great things about Emily Griffin's books. I should really try them.
    My Hop
    Get a free download of Wings by Aprilynne Pike at my blog!

  5. Wow a friend for every genre! That sounds amazing! You're a lucky girl :)

    I'm a new follower. Happy Friday!!

  6. That's... wow. I wish I had someone for one genre to talk books with. :)

    New follower!
    Have a great weekend!
    The Magick Pen

  7. Having a friend for every genre is definitely not bad. Rachel is a very human character. I think that there are so many people like her. It makes the whole book more realistic.