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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book covers are amazing, some make you laugh, some make you cry, and some are just down-right gorgeous!  Cover Discovered is a series of blog posts I do here at The Bucket List, where I bring you the latest book covers that were revealed not too long ago.  Mind you, these covers may not be the final cover that will go on the final product, but book covers are always pretty to look at.  Check out these great covers:

Reckoning by Lili St. Crow

Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: November 1, 2011
Pages: 304
Series or Stand Alone: series, Strange Angels #5
Per Order It: Amazon
The electric finale in New York Times bestselling author Lili St. Crow’s Strange Angels series!

Nobody expected Dru Anderson to survive this long. Not Graves. Not Christophe. Not even Dru. She’s battled killer zombies, jealous djamphirs, and bloodthirsty suckers straight out of her worst nightmares. But now that Dru has bloomed into a fullfledged svetocha—rare, beautiful, and toxic to all vampires—the worst is yet to come. Because getting out alive is going to cost more than she’s ever imagined. And in the end, is survival really worth the sacrifice?

BUT SHE SHOULD BE. --Goodreads
Wow now this cover is intense.  I thought about this cover and I've decided I really don't care much about it.  Every cover in the series, usually has a certain look to it, and its not this look (that's not very helpful, but I don't know how else to put it).  The mean guy in the corner there (well, for one thing he doesn't look very friendly) and he's put there out of no where.  He just popped right up in the corner of the cover.  I do like the expression on the model, however.  I makes me feel inspired but other than that, I'm not really thrilled with this cover.

Working Stiff by Rache Caine

Publisher: Roc
Publication Date: August 2, 2011
Pages: 320
Series or Stand Alone: series, Revivalist #1
Per Order It: Amazon
A brand new adventure from the award-winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling Rachel Caine, author of the Morganville Vampires and Weather Warden series ...

Bryn Davis is new on the job as a funeral director, but even she knows that once you’re dead, you ought to stay that way. But Fairview Mortuary has a hidden backroom business: reviving the dead for profit, at extortionate rates.

Finding out may cost Bryn more than her life ... it may just take away her death, too.

FORMERLY KNOWN AS "Dead Sexy". --Goodreads
I like this cover.  Rachel Caine is one of my favorite authors so this on has to be good.  I love how the cover is so symmetrical, it really brings the eye towards the model on the cover.  The model reminds me of Rosalie from the Twilight series.  She has that sort of pissed-off look that I sort of like.  It looks good on her.  This is a pretty good cover.

So which book cover is your favorite?

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