City of Bones Book Discussion Week 3

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey, everyone! Welcome to our City of Bones Book Discussion! We’re so glad you could join us! Over the next ten weeks, we’re bringing on some awesome-ness to spice up your life! That’s right, we’re about to get the party started, but we have to set a few ground rules first (*trying to make a stern face*). This is how each week will play out:
• Each week we will do a detailed discussion of the plot of that week’s chapters (every Monday!). We will also highlight characterization, quotes, favorite parts, random scenes, and ask/answer questions.
• Argh, thar be spoilers ahead, matey!! While each week will be spoiler-free for the next chapters in the book, all of the previous chapters we’ve read will become free game. So to keep this discussion fun for readers who have not read the amazing series try to keep your comments spoiler-free, from the next chapters, as possible.

• At the end of each post, questions will be asked. Feel free to participate every week! We’d love to hear your opinion but you don’t have to answer everything. The questions are only there as guidelines but we’d love to read your tangents on that week’s chapters. And if you feel totally inspired about this book, as much as we are, you could always discuss your own opinion in a guest post: just fill out the form HERE.

For an entire schedule of our discussion (or just in case you’ve missed a post), you can go HERE. And we’re also giving away a copy of City of Bones, to enter the contest, go HERE. Finally, on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for. *drumroll*

Chapter 5: Clave and Covenant

Last week we had left off, Jace was bringing her to the Institute. Clary has been in the infirmary for three days. There was bit foreshadowing, Clary saw visions in her sleep. “Luke, standing atop a pile of bones. Jace with white feathered wings sprouting out of his back… Simon with crosses burned into the palms of his hands” (57). She finally woke to find Isabelle, waiting.

Isabelle left to tell Hodge that Clary didn’t die in her sleep. Clary roams the Institute and is lured by a piano’s tune to where Jace is playing. (For those of you who have read Clockwork Angel, doesn’t this sound a bit like how Tessa is introduced to Jem.) Jace takes her to the library, *squeal*, where Hodge is waiting.

While Jace and Alec, who is very rude (“she’s a Mundie, Hodge, and a little kid, at that” (68).), are waiting in the weapon’s room, Clary tells Hodge how all of this started. Clary is still a bit hurt by Luke, who she had just called. Luke told her he basically had nothing to do with her.

A small history lesson is taught, where Valentine is described in more detail than before and the Accords are spoke of. Hodge gives Clary permission to go to her house with Jace and go through Jocelyn’s things. Clary leaves him; Hodge writes a letter to the Silent Brothers to tell them the situation.

Jace agrees to go with Clary and they both are off.

Chapter 6: Forsaken

Clary and Jace leave the Institute to go to her house. On the train, two girls are staring at Jace, who even admits to Clary that, “I am stunningly attractive” (86). That’s a rolling-eye moment, if I’ve ever seen one. They go to her house.

The house is different than the last time they have left it. There is the smell of blood in the air, the refrigerator gone, and the house ransacked.

Jace is easily bored and wants to just go back. Clary wants to thoroughly search the house, especially her room. In her room is a Forsaken, “an enormous man, big around as an oak tree, a broad-bladed axe clutched in one gigantic dead-white hand” (90). Jace fights the thing, while Clary stands off to the side and watches. Only when Jace breaks his arm, does she come and help.

Jace finishes off the beast and wants to search the rest of the place in case there were more. Madame Dorothea leaves her apartment with a “’I wouldn’t do that if I were you’” (95). Jace and Clary are both shocked to find that Madame Dorothea may not be all that she appears.

Dorothea admits that she knows about the Shadowhunter’s world. Jace doesn’t seem too happy about the idea. Madame Dorothea then invites the two in her apartment.

For those of you who have read Clare’s Clockwork Angel, can you see similarities between the characters from this series as well as those series?

REMEMBER: Please try to give a minimum of spoilers unless it is about the chapters we have read already. Also, every comment (one per post) on our discussion posts gives you extra entries if you are entered to win a copy of City of Bones.

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  1. Ah! I wish I have read Clockwork Angel! I hope to get around to it soon. I really like this discussion ad look forward to reading it each week :)

  2. I love that here we get to know more of the shadowhunter world and is interesting