City of Bones Book Discussion (and giveaway!)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

So Monday is the BIG day! Are you all excited for this fantastic event? It’s all set, but we’ve forgot to tell you the very best part. Well, we have two things to tell you. We’ve made up a schedule for this fantastic twelve-week event, so if you miss a post, you can easily find it here!

Other things to remember: This is how our book discussion will run (Hopefully... *cross your fingers* we've never done anything like this before.) Each week we will go over the plot of that week's two chapters. We will reflect and discuss favorite scenes, random thoughts, and other awesome stuff. At the end of each post, there will be discussion questions for anyone who would like to join in on the fun. What are we asking you to do? Read along with us and comment every week! This book discussion is going to be so much fun and it would be even more so if you'd join us!

So stay tuned! (Every discussion post will take place on Monday.) We will post, every Sunday, a recap of that week's comments to showcase the awesome readers and keep the discussion moving. So bring on the comment love and don't forget your copy of City of Bones.

Check this schedule out:

City of Bones Book Discussion is a Go!

4/4/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 1 (Recap)
1: Pandemonium
2: Secrets and Lies
4/11/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 2 (Recap)
3: Shadowhunter
4: Ravener
4/18/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 3 (Recap)
5: Clave and Covenant
6: Forsaken
4/25/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 4 (Recap)
7: The Five-Dimensional Door
8: Weapon of Choice
5/2/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 5 (Recap)
9: The Circle and the Brotherhood
10: City of Bones
5/9/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 6 (Recap)
11: Magnus Bane
12: Dead Man’s Party
5/16/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 7 (Recap)
13: The Memory of Whiteness
14: The Hotel Dumort
5/23/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 8 (Recap)
15: High and Dry
16: Falling Angels
5/30/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 9 (Recap)
17: The Midnight Flower
18: The Mortal Cup
6/6/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 10 (Recap)
19: Abbadon
20: In Rats’ Alley
6/13/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 11 (Recap)
21: The Werewolf’s Tale
22: Renwick’s Ruin
6/20/11: City of Bones Book Discussion Week 12 (Recap)
23: Valentine
Epilogue: The Ascent Beckons

City of Bones: Last Thoughts

And other big news! We’ve decided that to add to the coolness factor that is our wonderful discussion, we have a surprise for all of you who plan on joining the discussion. We are going to give away a lovely copy of City of Bones. That’s right, it will be all yours. Here’s what you have to do:
  • Comment! That’s basically all the work you have to put into this. Every comment you post on our discussion posts (and no, it can’t be a comment about something off topic- you must stay with the discussion) will add you an extra entry in the giveaway.
  • You must be a follower! It doesn’t matter if you are a new or old follower; you must follow us. We will check!
  • Due to money issues, we cannot make this contest international. However, if you, international folks, have USA friends, we could always send the gift to them who then could pass it on to you or if you are willing to pay for shipping and handling, we would gladly send the gift to you.
This contest is now currently closed.
Those who are up for this contest—the deadline is 6/23/11.  On 6/25/11 we will post the winner of the book. (You will have 48 hours to claim your prize from that date.) Just fill in the form below, if you qualify, and don’t forget to comment.

So grab your copy of City of Bones and get ready, because this party is about to start!

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  1. I just got an email from someone telling me that I should read this series .. . it might be a sign or something ;)

  2. I enter to the contest and comenting onthe discusion/