Top Ten Tuesday (3/22)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. This week's theme is the
Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves
1- Cliffhangers. (see Nightshade, Crescendo; need I say more?

2- Covers with faces who stare at you. It's pretty scary to roll over at three am, half-conscious, and see a face just staring, unblinkingly, up at you. Ahh, heebie jeebie alert!

3- Author playlists. It's one thing to thank the band, it's another to dedicate an entire page to the list of every song you've ever listened to. (see Stephenie Meyer)

4- Dog ears. Goodness gracious, how hard is it to pick up a random piece of paper and jam it in the book. Honestly, we need to ruin the page? Really?

5- Food in pages. No need to elaborate on that. No, just.. no.

6- Characters with the same name... in the same book. Honestly? We couldn't think of another name? Or at least give one of them a nickname? Google is not that complicated to use.

7- Grammatical errors. (Dear Pittacus Lore, the wind did not "bxlew", sorry to break it to you.)

8- Random conversation with no apparent background, location, or context. (i.e. Dragon Warrior; half of the conversations have no location or apparent background. There's just people talking, who apparently meet up in the middle of nowhere, with no purpose, and suddenly start a conversation.) It just takes too much away from what could be a really good story.

9- The "OMG, you HAVE to read this book" book. Many of them are questionable as to why they're so hyped up. Yeah, they're a good story, but not that good.

10- Writing in public books. It's one thing when you're writing in your own book for a class or something (You don't even want to see my copy of Life of Pi after AP English!). However, if it's a public book, for instance a library book or a class textbook, I don't want to see your page 10 doodle spoiling the entire story. That just stinks.

What are you bookish pet peeves?

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  1. Food in books and dog ears are somewhere on top of my peeve list. And I'm in agreement about the writing in public books thing too :)

  2. Great list! I'm seeing a lot of people mentioning dog earing book pages. that is on my list too and it does bother me. Your #5, oh yes!

    Mine is here:
    6. Embarrassing covers

  3. Eugene O'Neil- his face still haunts me, Nora. I love this list.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a great list!
    #1 - Yeah, I have to get used to the whole series thing and realize that stories aren't wrapped up unless they are stand alones.
    #2 cracked me up...I never thought of that.
    #6-I can't remember the last time I came across the same names in one book : /

  5. Great list. Characters with the same name make no sense at all.