Books! I Need to Save the Books!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm going way back into the past.  I'm going to my elementary days.  In second grade, the teacher would write a question on the chalk board every morning and the students were to share their responses with the class.  One of the questions was brought to my attention after watching the movie, Leap Year, an adorable chick flick starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.

Leap Year is about an old, Irish myth that Anna (Amy Adams) has heard that women can purpose to their boyfriends on a leap year.  When Anna's boyfriend goes to Ireland for a business meeting, she thinks it will be the perfect time to purpose.  A problem comes up that leads Anna to a pub with a pretty annoying, but cute, Declan (Matthew Goode).  Sometime during the movie, Declan asks her a question that goes something like: If there was ever a fire in your house, what would you bring with you

After hours of watching the film, I repeatedly asked myself that same question.  The first thing I wanted to save was my books!  I have to save the books, right?  But then I thought that there was no way I was picking up my bookshelves (which probably weigh at least 150 pounds by now) in an emergency like a fire.  So I settled grabbing some shoes so I didn't get frostbite or something from the wet, cold grass and I would definitely bring my Kindle with me.  And, of course, I would get my family out of the house before even the shoes and Kindle crossed my mind.
I was just wondering, what would you take if there was ever a fire in your house, what would you bring with you?          

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  1. Well, I'd probably regret not grabbing my laptop or iPod, but there are crabbies who need rescuing and I'm just the girl for the job! :]

  2. Love the blog entry title by the way! :P

  3. Easy, my family, my dogs, my Ipad, my Iphone, my Kindle, my Laptop and photo albums. Most of that stuff is in my bedroom so it really wouldn't be that unrealistic to grab.