The Highlander Reading Challenge!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Escape Between The Pages

Anyone here enjoy themselves a saucy Scottish novel? How about one with plaid galore and manners who-knows-where? If you find yourself nodding in reckless abandon, you should definitely consider joining the 2011 Higlander Reading Challenge!

This challenge, hosted by Lori at Escape Between the Pages, is totally my style. Give me rugged Highlanders in loosely tied kilts and rough Scottish brogues anyday of the week. Ahh... yes. I accept this challenge with great enthusiasm, and I ask my fellow kinsmen, "Who's with me?!"

The challenge is as follows:

  • To read 20 sexy Highlander novels for the year 2011
  • The books can be cross read and reviewed with another challenge
  • Cross-genres are allowed (ie: immortal hignlander, time traveling, shapeshifting, paranormal, etc.)
  • The 20 books are to be read between January 1st and December 31st 2011
  • Books read before January 1st do not count towards this challenge

If you choose to accept the mission, you can register at Escape Between the Pages!

Some good reads to get you in the Highland mood are...

Happy reading!

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