Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday (1)

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Friday, I'm happy- the weekend is almost here and I have found two great sites that do a weekly meme to make new friends.

Here's my hop for today:
This wonderful meme is done by Jennifer from Crazy for Books. The meme, the Book Blogger Hop is a great place for book bloggers and readers, alike, to connect and come together in the name of books!

Here's what the meme says: This weekly BOOK PARTY is an awesome opportunity for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books! It will also give blog readers a chance to find other book blogs to read!

There is a question each week that participants are expected to respond to. I think this meme is such a great way for my fellow bloggers and my great guests to get to know me better. The question is made by Alex from Geek on the Brink.

What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?

RESPONSE: I would have to say the plot and the characters are both equally important. The plot is what makes me pick up a book and start reading, while the characters and their development during the course of the book is what keeps me reading. Without the plot, I would never have picked up the book in the first place and without the characters, I would get bored with the plot and not finish the book at all.

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I found another great meme called Follow Friday done by Parajunkee over at Parajunkee's View.

Follow Friday gives bloggers a chance to make some new blog friends and have some fun by just following a few rules:
  1. Follow the Follow My Book Blog Friday Host { } and any one else you want to follow on the list
  2. Follow our Featured Bloggers -
  3. Put your Blog name & URL in the Linky thing.
  4. Grab the button up there and place it in a post, this post is for people to find a place to say hi in your comments
  5. Follow Follow Follow as many as you can
  6. If someone comments and says they are following you, be a dear and follow back. Spread the Love...and the followers!
Sounds easy enough, right? So, head on over to Parajunkee's View and try out Follow Friday for yourself... but don't forget to follow The Bucket List!

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  1. Hello my dear,

    I think that characters are very important. I love seeing what happen to them and I love to swoon over a few fictional boyfriends more then I should. ;)

    I recently finished a Biological Degree. Now I am working on a degree in History, Humanities, and Religious studies. I think I might never stop, Yes, the Mad Scientist thinks that she will be a lifer student. LOL!

    I'm also the creater of Morbid Romantica Challenge 2011 which I'm trying to get off the ground. It should be a very fun challenge. AND it wont seem like homework. *smirk*

    Today was the start of a Hardcover giveaway for Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness @ Ridley's Giveaway

    Mad Scientist

    Steampunkery & Book Reviews

  2. Stopping by from the hop.

    I totally agree with your response. :D

    Ella Bella

  3. This might be the best Book Blogger Hop question I've seen to date.

    So what's the answer? Plot! Hop over to my blog and let me tell you how a good plot rescued bad characters from bad book oblivion.

    Howard Sherman

  4. Hi stopping by to wish you a Happy Holiday. I think both is need at some point, at the beginning a good plot to capture your interest and characters to grab you.

    My Follow Friday/Book Blogger Hop

  5. New follower!

    I agree with you... characters and plot need to be equally good.

  6. Mad Scientist; Your challenge looks pretty good! I love the themes! Nice job!

    Ella Bella, Howard Sherman, BLH Mistress, and Music4Betty; Thanks! :D

  7. Hi! Thanks for hopping by The Enchanted Book and following. I'm here to do the same. I love the Oscar Wilde quote I read at the top of your page. His work is one of the reasons why I decided to get an English degree.

    And thank you for the lovely compliment on my blog design. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    You are absolutely correct. It's the plot that makes me pick up a book and decide if I want to read it.
    I see this is the first time your blog is participating, have fun! :P

  9. I like your answer!! :) Totally agree with you.

    I love your blog design, is so pretty (love the purples!!)