Where was I?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

I sincerely apologize for my unexplained absence.  I would like this chance to try to explain where I was and why I had not been blogging for the past two weeks. 
I am senior in high school, which is a very poor excuse for leaving my blog for the weeks I was gone, but it is true.  During school hours, I am taking many college courses and getting heaps of homework afterwards.  On top of that terribly poor excuse, I had my SAT today, which is basically a test that many colleges look at- the SAT grades reflect the college's decision whether you are accepted or not.  After the test, I wanted to explain myself- that I have been studying for two weeks.
Besides that, there are no other excuses. 
However, I have read a few books, while away and reviews are coming soon.


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